विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

युक्त' केवलमेतदेव मुधियां यमहनुवन्पथः
पूतग्नावगिरीन्द्रकन्दररूटकुञ्ज निवासः क्वचित् ॥ ७८ ॥

 78. When honour has feded, #ealth has be> come ruined, those who sue for faeurs have de perted in disappointment, friends have diad!ed away, retainers have left, and youth has gradually decayed, there remains only one thing proper for the wise. -residence somewhere in a reve on the side of a valley of the Himal«yas whose rocks are purified by the waters of the Ganga.  [ जहनकन्या - The Gais is so called or accoutt of the myth that Ri Jahnu drark it up BY the disgauged at through his ear or thigh, whe ja its course towards the Bay of Bengal after its descent from the eavenx it over• flowed the sacrificial platform of the Rsi. Ex& Eping tion of the traditional place where the Rs is supposed to have lived in ancient times, suggests the kelihood ef the course of the river being obstructed by an extensive eminence with pervious soi and of is delayed evergence on the other side.]

रम्याचन्द्रमरीचग्रस्तृणवती रम्या वनान्तःस्थली
रम्यं साधुसमागमागत्सुखं का रम्यः कथाः १
कोसोपहितबाष्पबिन्दुरलं रम्यं नेिथा मुर्गों
सर्वे' रम्यमनित्यतामुपगते चिंते न चिन्मः ॥ ७६ । ।

 79, Delightful are t <ay of the most, delightful the grassy plots in the outskirts of the forest, delightful are the pleasure of wise ren's