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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

66 Lesson XV. most noups of relationship, the x is gunated, becoming T ur. In both classes, the loc. sing. has y ur as stem-final. The abl.- gen. sing. is of peculiar formation; and the final T r is dropped in the nominative singular. 202. Nomina agentis in @!, like m., 'doer'. but Sing. Dual. Plural. N. Adit kartā कतारी kartarau कतारम् kartanus 3. कर्तारम् kartrait , कर्तृन् kartrn । I. कत्री kartra कर्तृभ्याम् trbhgdate कर्तृभिस kartrbhis D. कर्वे kartre a aqrar kartſbhyas Ab. agt kartur (or -us) G. क स् kartros kartros कर्तृणाम् kartindian kartiņām L. कर्तरि kartart a m a g kartęşu V. कर्तर् kartar 203. Two nouns of relationship, f., “sister”, and ag m., 'grandson', follow this declension: but Fmakes the acc. pl. स्वसूस seast-8. 204. The nouns of agency are sometimes used participially, or with adjective value. The corresponding feminine-stem is made in ई , and declined like नदी; thus, कत्र kartri. 205. The grammarians prescribe a complete neuter declension also for bases in q, precisely analogous with that of arft or #y, but such forms are rare. Vocabulary XV. Verbs: ag+fa (rivádate) dispute, argue. JTA + 39 (anugacchati) follow. f7 + 7 (āçráyate) go for pro- T+HA-TT(samācárati)commit, tection to, take refuge with perform, do. (acc.). Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®