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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

192 Lesson XLV. re- VO also TT, intens. of glórun', used as a present with the sense be poor'. faa wash', and some others, use the intensive present-system in the same way, and are assigned to the re- duplicating class; thus, 3rd sing. aafa, 3rd pl. a faufa. Intensive forms outside the present-system are very rare. 503. III. Desiderative. By this conjugation is denoted a desire for the action or condition denoted by the simple root; thus, fuaTfA 'I drink', desid. futaTfH 'I wish to drink'. 504. To form the desiderative-stem the root is reduplicated, and adds #, sometimes gy. The consonant of the reduplication is determined by the usual rules; the vowel of reduplication is g if the root has an a-vowel, an i-vowel, or 7, and 3 if the root has an u-vowel. Thus, ut, forgrafa; ait, faoitufa; H1, gaufa; a, fautsfa; fue, farhafa; fag, fafawa. 505. A number of roots form an abbreviated desiderative- stem; thus, 719, fafa; z1, frafa. 506. The conjugation in the present-system is like that of other a-stems. Outside of that desiderative forms are quite in- frequent. The perfect is the periphrastic. The aorist is of the is-form; thus, & H, Tra ; pfafafae. The futures are made with the auxiliary vowel T; thus, sfogofa, graf. The verbal nouns are made with in all forms where that vowel is ever taken. A passive may be made; thus, freà 'it is desired to be obtained'; part. fua. 507. IV. Causative. 1. The present-system of the causative has been treated of already. 2. The perfect is the periphrastic, the derivative noun in WT being formed from the causative-stem; thus, yiyei qart. 3. The aorist is the reduplicated, made in general directly from the root, and formally unconnected with the causative-stem; thus, H, TETA, quam. In a few instances, where the root bas assumed a peculiar form before the causative- sign, the reduplicated aorist is made from this form, not from the ms OU ev 2 ca Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®