विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


krt. affix इन् ( घिनुण् ) in the sense of 'habituated to'; e.g. शाम्यति, शमी, भ्राम्यति, भ्रमी etc.; cf. P.VII.3.74 and P. III.2.141.

शम्भु God Siva who is supposed to have composed, or to have inspir- ed Panini to compose, the fourteen Sutras अइउण् , ऋलृक् etc. giving the alphabet of the Panini system ; cf. त्रिषष्टिः चतुःषष्टिर्वा वर्णाः शम्भुमते मताः Pan. Siksa, St. 3.

शर् a brief term or Pratyahara stand- ing for the three sibilant or spi- rant consonants श् , ष् and स्.

शरणदेव a prominent grammarian of the Eastern school of Panini's system of grammar who lived in the thirteenth century and wrote works on Panini's grammar. His work named दुर्घटवृत्ति which ex plains according to Panini's rules, the Varttikas thereon, and the Jnapakas deduced from them,the various words difficult to be ex- plained, is much appreciated by scholars of grammar. He has quot- ed from a large number of classi- cal works, and referred to many works of the Eastern grammarians who followed the Kasika school.

शरत्प्रभृति the words of the type of शरद् such as विपाश्, अनस्, मनस्, उपानह् etc. which have the com- pound-ending अ (टच् ) added to them when they are at the end of the Avyayibhava compound;e.g प्रतिशरदम्, प्रतिविपाशम्.cf Kas. on P.V. 4.107.

शरादि a class of words headed by the word शर which have the tad. affix मय (मयट्) added to them in the sense of 'product' or 'portion'; e.g. शरमयम् , दर्भमयम् , मृण्मयम्; cf Kas. on P. IV.3.144;(2) a class of words headed by शर which get their final vowel lengthened before the

tad.affix मत् when the whole word forms a proper noun; e.g. शरावती, वंशावती, हनूमान् ; cf. P.VI.3.119.

शर्करादि a class of words headed by शर्करा to which the tad. affix अ (अण्) is added in the sense of इव viz. similarity; cf। शर्करेव शार्करम् ,कापालिकम्, पौण्डरीकम् Kas on P. V. 3.107.

शर्ववर्मा a reputed grammarian who is believed to have been a contem- porary of the poet Gunadhya in the court of Satavahana. He wrote the Grammar rules which are named the Katantra Sutras which are mostly based on the Sutras of Panini. In the grammar treatise named 'the Katantra Sutra' written by Sarvavarman the Vedic section and all the intricacies and difficult elements are carefully and scrup- ulously omitted by him, with a view to making his grammar useful for beginners and students of average intelligence.

शर्व्यवाय intervention by any one of the spirants श् , ष् and स्, which prevents the substitution of ण् for न् but allows the substitution of ष् for म्; cf. चुटुतुलशर्व्यवाये न M.Bh. on P. VIII.4.2 as also नुम्विसर्जनीयशर्व्यवायेपि P. VIII.3.58 Vart. 1.

शल् short term (प्रत्याहार ) for the sibilants श्,ष् , स् and ह्; cf. शल इगुपधादनिटः क्सः P.III.1.44.

शवर्ग class of letters beginning with श् i.e the consonants श् , ष् , स् and ह् .

शशिदेववृत्ति name of a work on gra- mmar by शशिदेव which is mention- ed by Al Beruni.

शस् (l) case affix (अस् ) of the accu- sative plural;cf. स्वौजसमौट्शस्o P.IV. 1.2; (2) tad.affix applied to words meaning much or little as also to a numeral; e.g. बहुशो ददाति, अल्पशो ददाति, द्विशः, त्रिशः, पादशः etc., cf. P. V.4.42, 43.