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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


( 2 ) name of a commentary by महादेव on the Katantra sutravrtti by Durgasimha.

शब्दसुधा name of a grammar work by a grammarian named अनन्तभट्ट.

शब्दानुशासन lit. science of grammar dealing with the formation of words, their accents, and use in a sentence. The word is used in connection with standard works on grammar which are complete and self-sufficient in all the above- mentioned features. Patanjali has begun his Mahabhasya with the words अथ शब्दानुशासनम् referring possibly to the vast number of Varttikas on the Sutras of Panini, and hence the term शब्दानुशासन according to him means a treatise on the science of grammar made up of the rules of Panini with the explanatory and critical varttikas written by Katyayana and other Varttikakaras.The word शब्दानुशासन later on, became synonymons with Vyakarana and it was given as a title to their treatises by later grammarians, or was applied to the authoritative treatise which introduced a system of grammar, similar to that of Panini. Hema- candra's famous treatise, named सिद्धहैमचन्द्र by the author,came to be known as हैमशब्दानुशासन. Similarly the works on grammar written by पाल्यकीर्तिशाकटायन and देवनन्दिन् were called शाकटायनशब्दानुशासन and जैनेन्द्र- ' शब्दानुशासन respectively.

शब्दान्तर a different wording, as it results from modifications such as agama, or adesa, or lopa; cf. शब्दा- न्तरस्य प्राप्नुवन् विधिरनित्यः Par. Sek. Pari. 43.

शब्दामृत a work, explanatory of the Sutras of Panini, written by a grammarian named विप्रराजेन्द्र.

शब्द्धार्थप्रतिपत्ति, शब्दार्थप्रत्यय knowledge

of the meaning of a word from that word when heard, the word being either denotative ( वाचक ) or ind- cative ( द्योतक ).

शब्दार्थरहस्य a grammatical work on the interpretation of words by Ramanatha Vidyavacaspati.

शब्दार्थसंबन्ध the connection between a word and its sense which is a permanently established one. According to grammarians,words, their sense and their connection, all the three, are established for ever; cf. सिद्धे शव्दार्थसंबन्धे P. I.1. Varttika 1,and the Bhasya thereon सिद्ध शब्दः अर्थः संबन्धश्चेति । Later gra- mmarians have described twelve kinds of शब्दार्थसंबन्ध viz. अभिधा,विवक्षा, तात्पर्य, प्रविभाग, व्यपेक्ष, सामर्थ्य अन्वय, एकार्थीभाव, दोषहान, गुणोपादान, अलंकारयेाग and रसावियोगः cf. Sringaraprakasa.I.

शब्दार्थव्याकरण explanation of the sense of a word as arising from the word by stating the base, the affixes and the modifications to the base and the affixes.

शब्दार्थशास्त्र a science fully dealing with the words in a language and their sense; the same as शब्दानुशासन which see above.

शब्देन्दुशेखर a popular name given to the Laghusabdendusekhara written by Nagesabhatta. See लघुशब्देन्दुशेखर.

शब्देन्दुशेखरटीका, शाब्देन्दुशेखरव्याख्या See लघुशब्देन्दुशेखरटीका and लघुशब्देन्दुशे- खरव्याख्या.

शब्दोपदेश scientific and authoritative citation or statement of a word as contrasted with अपशब्दोपदेशः; cf. किं शब्दोपदेशः कर्तव्यः आहोस्विदपशब्दोपदेशः आहोस्विदुभयोपदेश इति । M. Bh. in Ahnika l. शमादि a class of eight roots headed by शम् which get their vowel lengthened before the conjuga- tional sign य (श्यन्) as also before the