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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


शब्दभूषण name of a short gloss on the Sutras of Panini, written by Nara- yana Pandita.

शब्दभेदनिरूपण name of a small gra- mmatical work written by Rama- candra Diksita

शब्दमञ्जरी name of a short grammar work written by Narayana Pandita.

शब्दरत्न name of a scholarly gloss written by Haridiksita on the Manorama, a commentary by Bhattoji Diksita on his own Siddhantakaumudi. The proper name of the commentary is लघु- शब्दरत्न of which शब्दरत्न is an abridg- ed form.The commentary लघुशब्दरत्न is generally studied along with the Manorama by students.There is a bigger work named बृहच्छब्दरत्न written by Hari Diksita, of which the लधुशद्वरत्न is an abridgment.

शब्दरत्नटीका known by the name भावप्रकाशिका, a commentary on Hari Diksita's Sabdaratna, written by Vaidyanatha Payagunde.

शब्दरत्नदीप a commentary on the Laghusabdaratna written by a grammarian named Kalyana- malla.

शब्दरूप the actual form of a word as a collection of letters or वर्णसमूह or वर्णानुपूर्वीं irrespective of the sense. In grammar it is the शब्दरूप that is mainly considered and not the meaning of the word; cf. स्व रूपं शब्दस्याशब्दसंज्ञा, P.I.1.68.

शब्दरूपावलि a very brief treatise on declension giving the forms of the seven cases of a few choice-words. The work is studied as the first elementary work and is very common without the name of any specific author.There are different works named शब्दरूपावलि giving de- clensions of different words which

are all anonymous, although from the dates of manuscripts mention- ed, they appear to be more than five or six hundred years old.

शब्दवाच्यत्व expression of its sense by a word which occurs to the mind of the hearer as soon as a word is heard.

शब्दविवरण a grammar work on the meaning of words and how it is conveyed, written by a gramma- rian named वर्णिकुबेरानन्द. The work forms a part of his bigger work दानभागवत. See वर्णिकुबेरानन्द.

शब्दव्युत्पत्ति derivation of a word by tracing it to the root from which it is formed.

शब्दव्युत्पत्तिकौमुदी a small treatise on the derivation of words written by a grammarian named Rajarama- Sastrin.

शब्दशास्त्र the sciene of words.The term is generally applied to grammar, although strictly speaking the Mimamsa Sastra is also a science of words.

शब्दसंचय an anonymous elementary booklet on declension similar to Sabdarupavali.

शब्दसंज्ञा a technical term given to a wording irrespective of the sense element as contrasted with अर्थसंज्ञा. See.e.g. घु, भ or the like; cf. शब्दसंज्ञायां ह्यर्थासंप्रत्ययो यथान्यत्र P.I. 1.44 Vart. 2.

शब्दसत्त्वप्रकाश a work on grammar said to have been written by a grammarian named इन्द्रदत्त.

शब्द्साध्यप्रयोग a grammar work on the formation of words written by a grammarian named रमानाथशर्मा.

शब्दसिद्धि(1)formation of a complete word fit for use by adding proper suffixes to the crude base and . making the necessary modifica- tions; cf. नैव व्याकरणादृते शब्दसिद्धिः ।