विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

bringing about an action'. This
capacity is looked upon as the
sense of the case-affixes which
express it. There are six kārakas
given in all grammar treatises
अपादान, संप्रदान, अधिकरण, करण , कर्मन् and
कर्तृ to express which the case affixes
or Vibhaktis पञ्चमी, चतुर्थी, सप्तमी, तृतीया,
द्वितीया and प्रथमा are respectively
used which, hence, are called
Kārakavibhaktis as contrasted with
Upapadavibhaktis, which show a
relation between two substantives
and hence are looked upon as
weaker than the Kārakavibhaktis;
cf. उपपदविभक्तेः कारकविभक्तिर्बलीयसी Pari.
Śek. Pari.94. The topic explaining
Kārakavibhaktis is looked upon as
a very important and difficult
chapter in treatises of grammar
and there are several small com-
pendiums written by scholars deal-
ing with kārakas only. For the
topic of Kārakas see P. I. 4.23 to
55, Kat, II. 4.8-42, Vyākaraṇa
Mahābhāṣya Vol. VII. pp.262-264
published by the D. E. Society,
कारककारिका possibly another name
for the treatise on Kārakas known
as कारकचक्र written by Puruṣotta-
madeva the reputed grammarian
of Bengal who lived in the latter
half of the twelfth century A. D.
See कारकचक्र.
कारककौमुदी a work on the Kātantra
grammar discussing the Kāraka
कारकखण्डनमण्डन also called षट्कारक-
खण्डनमण्डन which is a portion of the
author's bigger work named त्रिलो-
चनचन्द्रिका. The work is a discourse
on the six kārakas written by
Maṇikaṇṭha, a grammarian of the
Kātantra school. He has also
written another treatise named

कारकचक्र (I) written by Puruṣotta
madeva a reputed grammarian
of Bengal who wrote many works
on grammar of which the Bhasa.
vrtti, the Paribhāṣāvṛtti and Jñ
āpakasamuccya deserve a special
mention. The verse portion of
the Kārakacakra of which the
prose portion appears like a
commentary might be bearing
the name Kārakakaumudī.
कारकटीका a work on Kārakas as-
cribed to Bhairava.
कारकतत्त्व a treatise on the topic of
Kārakas written by Cakrapāṇi-
śeṣa, belonging to the famous
Śeṣa family of grammarians, who
lived in the seventeenth century
A. D.
कारकनिर्णय a work discussing the
various Kārakas from the
Naiyāyika view-point written by
the well-known Naiyāyika, Gadā-
dhara Chakravartin of Bengal,
who was a pupil of Jagadīśa and
who fourished in the 16th cen-
tury A. D. He is looked upon as
one of the greatest scholars of
Nyāyaśāstra. His main literary
work was in the field of Nyāya-
śāstra on which he has written
several treatises.
कारकपरिच्छेद a work dealing with
Kārakas ascribed to Rudrabhaṭṭa.
कारकपाद name given by Śivadeva
and other grammarians to the
fourth pāda of the first adhyāya
of Pāṇini's Aṣṭādhyāyī which be-
gins with the Sūtra कारके I. 4. 1
and which deals with the Kāra-
kas or auxiliaries of action.
कारकवाद (1) a treatise discussing the
several Kārakas, written by
Kṛṣṇaśāstri Ārade a famous Nai-
yāyika of Benares who lived in
the eighteenth century A. D; (2)