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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Act VI, Notes & Translation

 P. 93. St. 26, शाखारोधस्थगितवसुधामण्डलेमण्डिताशे पीनस्कन्धे सुसदृशमहामूलपर्यतबन्धै सुमहति तरौ दैवात् दग्धे ( सति) अयं छायया अर्थी जन्ः तस्य अस्मिन् सूक्ष्माङ्कुकुरे कमपि आशाबन्धनं कुरुते ।

 शाखा...मण्डले-शाखानां रोधेन स्थगितं वसुधायाः मण्डलं येन तथा भूते ( तरौ )-रोधः, a close formation. मण्डिताशे मण्डिताः आशाः येन तथाभूते. पीनस्कन्धे-पीनः स्कन्धः यस्य तथाभूते.

 सुसदृश......बन्धे-सुसदृशः महतः मूलस्य पर्यंतबन्धः यस्य तथाभूते.दैवात् = दैवदुर्विलासात्.

 Translations :-Now when the big tree that covered a large area of earth with shade by the Compact formation of its branches, that beautified the quarters (with its far-stretching brain ches), that had a trunk proportionately bulky and was surrounded by a. wide network of strong roots well worthy of itself-now when such a tree has been burnt down by a foul stroke of fate this woman (Droupadi) in search of a shade is fixing a strange or silly hope upon this delicate sprout of it (viz, the foetus in Uttara's womb).

 अध्यवासितम् - What is resolved upon.

 St. 27. ते भ्रातुः तनयेन, शौरिगुरुणा, गाण्डीविनः श्यालेन, तस्यैव अखिलधार्तराष्ट्रनलिनाव्यालोलने दन्तिनः वृकोदरस्य आचार्येण हलिना उन्मतेन मत्तेन वा त्वत्सुतकाननं दग्धं यस्य आश्रयात् ननु मही शीतल (आसीत्) ।

 अखिल.....व्यालोलने-अखिलाः धार्तराष्ट्राः एव नलिंन्यः, तासां व्यालोलने, In tearing up the lotus-plants,namely, all the sons, of Dhriatrashtra. श्यालः wife's brother. उन्मत्त, wild with delirium, मत्त, wild with intoxication.

 Translation :-Balarama, your brother's son, Krishna's elder brother, Arjuna's wife's brother, the instructor (in the use of the mace) of Bhima himself who proved as good as a wild elephant in destroying the lotus-plant in the shape of the sons of Dhritarastra, has burned down, whether with the wildness of delirium or that of intoxication, the whole pleasant grove, vis, your sons, by resorting to which the whole world (hitherto) found itself, indeed, in a cool and comfortable situation.

  Balarama is described here in such terms as serve to see forth the different ties of love by which he was bound to the Pandavas and a regard for which ought to have made him shudder at the very idea of causing the extinction of the Pandaya family. The irony of the supposed situation is effectually brought out by this device.