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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

 St. 25. श्रुतविशदया प्रज्ञया अस्मान् विस्मृत्य पाण्डौ क्षीणे ( सति ) अश्रुगर्भान् उदकपृषतान् प्रदातुं दायादानां अपि तु भवने यादवाना वा कुले कान्तारे वा कृतवसतिना सानुजेन ( स्वया ) शरीरं रक्षणीयम् ।

 श्रुतविशदया –श्रुतेन विशदया(प्रझया) — By (exercising) your thinking faculty enlightened as it is by culture ; by (bringing to bear upon the question your wisdom so refined by culture.

 अश्रुगर्भानु-अश्रूणी गर्भे येषां तथाभूतान् (उदकपृषतान्) अश्रुमिश्रान्.

 पाण्डौं क्षीणे - Now that Pandu must be repining at the thought that the chance of the continuation of his line diminished by the death of so many of his sons.

 Translation:-You, together with your younger brother(Sahadeva) should forget us (i.e. drown all thought of us and get over the grief at our death) by reflecting with a head rendered so clear by culture and, in order to offer libations to our repining father Pandu, in drops of water mixed with tears, you should preserve your life or continue to live ( instead of putting an end to it, ) staying even at the house of our coparceners or in household of the Yadavas (Krishna and Balarama) or in the woods (if possible.)

 v.l.विस्मृत्यास्मान् शृतविषदया स्वाग्रजौ चात्मबुद्धया for the first line. This reading would fit in better with the view that the whole message, including the second stanza, is addressed to Sahadeva. But that view is very probably not correct and the latter part of the message seems to be addressed to Nakula, a view with which our reading containing the word सानुजेन fits in well.

 स्पृष्टिकया = स्पर्शेन, formed with the suffix added to the abstract noun स्पृष्ट from स्पृश्.

 अकालहीनम-कालेन ( सुसमयेन ) हीनं यथा न स्यात् तथा. Before it is too late ; without loss of time or delay.

 अद्य उत्तरायाः चतुर्थी मासः प्रतिपन्नस्य गर्भस्य - Note the idiomatic construction, for which there is a parallel construction in Marathi, 'उत्तरा गर्भर राहिल्याला आज चवथा महिना संपला or चार महिने झाले.' In English it would be differently expressed, Lit , 'It is to-day the fourth month completed, i.e. it is now four months, since Uttaras conception; but more idiomatically, Uttara has been pregnant for four months now '.

 कुलस्य प्रतिष्ठापकमू- The child that must prove the continuator, or the mainstay of the line,