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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

 भागयेय means the same thing as भाग, 'One's fortune, 'lot, destiny ' or 'stars, being rmerely an ornamental suffix, comp. रूप and रूपधेय, नाम and नामधेय.

 अस्मद्वचनात्-In our name.

 St. 28. सत्यं हली मम वत्सस्य निधने हेतुः भवति । एषः ते सहज सुहृदः मधुरिपोः भ्राता । अतः क्रोधः न खलु कार्यः । यदि च प्राणिषि ततः वनं गच्छेः । अकरुणां क्षात्रपदवीं पुनर् मा गाः ।

 Translation :-Balaraanna is, doubtless, the cause of my child's (i.e. Bhima's) death. (But at the same time) he is the brother of your natural friend, Krishna So you should foster no feeling of resentment (against him. If you survive (the combat), you should betake yourself to a forest but no more continue in the cruel career or avocation of a warrior.

 उद्धताशिस्त्रा...जनः- उद्धताः शिस्त्राः एव हस्ताः, तैः हृतः आहूतः अस्मद्विधः व्यसनी जनः येन तथाभूतः (हुतवहः). Beckoning, with its erect flames as with hands, persons in affliction like us to approach.

 आत्मानं इन्धनीकरोमि- Let me make fuel of myself ( for this fire), i.e. let me throw myself into it. अपश्चिम, last.

 P. 94. राजसूयसंतार्पित etc.-Here are points of description which serve to set forth the cruel irony of fate in the fact that the fire-god is claiming has his victims the very persons at whose hands he has received so much pious service, directly or indirectly, and to whom he has come to be so tenderly related.

 सुग्रहीतनामधेयः---Of venerable or sacred memory; lit. whose name is well uttered or uttered with spiritual benefit accruing to the utterer, स सुगृहीतनामा स्याद्यः प्रातः स्मयेते बुधैः

 St 29, तात अद्यप्रभृति अस्मत्तः पुनः ( यत् ) दुर्लभं ( तत् ) इवं मया दत्त वारि अम्बया साधे वया निपीयताम् ।

 Translation :-Do you drink, 0 father, together with mother (Madri) this water offered by me and never again to be expected from us from this day forward.

  v.l.( व दत्तम् ' for ' बारीम् ' and एतद्दतम् for " मया दत्तमु.' In this variant 'दत्तम्' is repeated twice, awkwardly enough. अम्बया must be taken as referring to Madri, Kunti being still alive.

 St. 30, एतत् जलं जलजनीलविलोचनाय भीमाय ( ददामि ) भोः तव ममापि ( एतत् ) अविभक्तं अस्तु । पिपासितोऽपि ( ख ) एक क्षण तु विषहस्व । अयं ( अहं ) त्वया सह् पातुं जवात् आगतः अस्मि ।

 Translation :-Here I pour out this libation of water for Bhima of eyes dark as a blue lotus, 0! Let it stand as joint