विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

GLOSSARY 127 Tithyardhahira ( fassrsr|rT ) A divisor which is equal to half of that used in calcula- ting the tithi, i.e., 360. Tiryak (fcnfa) Oblique. Tula {^fT) The sign Libra. Tulyatva (3?zic?) Equality. Tulyadik (^rfep) Like direction, or same direction. Tulyadiktva (^Hi«w j Likeness or sameness of direction. Trijya (fV^TT) Radius or 3438'. Literally, the Rsine of three signs. Trimaurvt "(fsnrHf) Same as Trijya'. Trira'si ( f%Trf% ) Three signs. Trisarkara-vidhana ( fasr^ tt-rsr ) The method of cons- tructing a circle through three given points has been called trisarkara-vidhana by Bhaskara I. Trairasika (^TTfere>) The rule of three. Tvastra (r^f) The naksatra Gitra which is presided over by Daksina (sfa<»r) (I) South. (2) Southern hemisphere (dak- nna-gola). Daksinasa (^ferrim) The southern direction. Darsana-samskara ( 5sfa-w**FR ) usually called Drkkarma ?++4f) Visibility corrections. There are two visibility correc- tions : ( 1 ) Aksa-drkkarma, which is the measure of the arc of the ecliptic lying between the hour circle and the circle of posi- tion of the planet concerned, and (2) Ayana-drkkarma> which is measured by the arc of the ecliptic lying be- tween the circle of celestial longitude and the hour circle of the planet concerned. These corrections having been applied to the true longitude of a planet, we obtain the longitude of that point of the ecliptic which rises on the local horizon simultaneously with the actual planet. Dala Half. Dasra Two. {Dasra is a synonym of A'svi). Dik (ftv)(l) Direction. (2) Ten. Dikka (fere?) Direction. Dim (fer)'(l) Day. (2) Fifteen. Dinagana (ffc*Wl ) Same as Ahargana. DinapuwH parZrdha iGwftrtmnf ) Forenoon and afternoon. Dinantodayalagna (ferRikWT) The rising point of the eclip- tic at sunset. Diri&rdha (few) Midday, Dis(fe$) (1) Direction. (2) Ten.