विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

126 GLOSSARY Carasu {^%) The asus of ascen- sional difference. Cala-kendra Slghra-kendra. See Kendra. Cala-kendra-phala (xM*n!4M) Sighra- phala. Calocca (^fr 5 ^) Slghrocca. Capa (=*iq) Arc. Capa-bhaga (^ttthi) An element of arc, or elementary arc (i.<r., one of the twenty-four equal divisions of a quadrant, the Rsine-differences for which have been tabulated by Aryabhata I) . Capita (*TTfWj Converted into (or redsced to) the correspond- ing arc. Ccirabhoga (^r^ftT)' Direct motion. Caitra (#^) The name of the first month of the year. Chaya (WTr) (1) Shadow. (2) The Rsine of the zenith dis- tance. Chaya -dairghya ( ) The length of the Earth's shadow, i.e., the distance of the vertex of the Earth's shadow from the Earth's centre. Chayb-vidha'na (qreifwir) The method of shadow. Cheda (&s) Divisor. Jaladhi (srsrfa) Four. Jim (f«H) Twenty four. Jha (<#rr) Same as Jyi. Jhabhukti (afcmgftfi) True daily motion derived with the help of the table of Rsine-differ- ences. Jiika (^>) The sign Libra. Jya~ {^n) (1) Rsine (= Radius* sine). (2L The Rsine-differ- ences corresponding to the twenty four equal divisions of a quadrant. Jyotis (5*fricrcr) A heavenly body. Tama (?pt) The section of the cone of the Earth's shadow where the Moon crosses it, by a plane perpendicular to the axis of the shadow cone; briefly called "the shadow". Tamomurti (cRtofa ) The Moon's ascending node. Tamovyasa lajffarnr) The diame- ter of the shadow. See Tama. Taraka (circ^r) Star. Tara-samagama (cTRTWTT) Same as Togabhaga. Tigmatejas i ftpw^srcr) The Sun. Tigmarasmi (fartfN) The Sun. Tigmamsu (f%nrtw) The Sun. Tithi (farfa) (1) Lunar day (called tithi). See notes on LBh, ii, 27. (2) Time of conjunction or opposition of the Sun and Moon (parva- tithi). (3) Time of beginning middle, or end of an eclipse. (4) Fifteen. Tithi -varga (%f«T^f) 15 2 , or 225.