विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

GLOSSARY 121 Antya-jya~ (srjt^tt) The current Rsine-difference, i.e., the Rsine-difference correspond- ing to the elementary arc occupied by a planet. In Hindu trigonometry a quad- rant of a circle is divided into 24 equal parts, called elementary arcs. Antya-maurvi {^hh) Same as Antya-jya'. Apakrama, (stt^t) Declination. Apakrama-dhanu The arc of declination, or simply declination. Apakranti (apnnfNr) Declination. Apakranti-capa {m^te^m) The arc of declination. Apakranti- bhaga (arc^rfarm) Decli- nation. Apama (sptit) Declination. Apamo gunah {3PT*ff m:) The Rsine of declination. Apara (w) (1) West. (2) Apa- ra~hna or afternoon. 4par3 ianr^T) West. ApaTdhna (anrcr^:) Afternoon. (srfssr) Four. Abhuktamsa (apr^r) Untraversed portion. Abhya~sa (spRmr) Multiplication. Amrtatejas (artr^srcr) The Moon.

Ambara (arrsn;) Zero.

Ambhodhi (3F*ftfa) Four. 4kwk& (apw) The northward or southward course of a planet, particularly the Sun. The ayana of a planet is north or south according as the planet lies in the half-orbit begin- ning with the tropical sign Capricorn or in that begin- ning with the tropical sign Cancer. Ayuta (arp) Ten thousand. Arka (arf) ( I ) The Sun. (2 ) Twelve. Arkaja (appsr) Saturn. Arka-suta (ar&pr) Saturn. Arka'gra' (mto) The Sun's Agra. See Agra. Arkodaya (st^t) Sunrise. Ardha-pancama {3R<T^w) Four and a half (4£). Literally, five minus half. Ardharatra (ankra-) Midnight. ' Avanat'i (anr^fa) Moon's true lati- tude as corrected for paral- lax. Avamaf&ira (wrr) Omitted lunar days, or omitted titkis. Avisista (arf^f^) Obtained by applying the method of suc- cessive approximations. Avisesa-karma (arfaSl'SHH) Method of successive approxima- tions. Avisesa-kalakarija (3ri%%^5rr^w) The distance (lit. hypotenuse) of a planet, in minutes, obtained by the method of successive approximations.