विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

(GLOSSARY of Terms used in the Laghu - Bhaskary. 6e6e 4ka (अक्ष) Latitude. [The term 4ks2 is an abbreviation of the complete meaning “the inclimation of the (earth's) (to the plane of the celestial hori - 201) ”, .e., the latitude of the place. 4k50 = axis , umat inclimation.] latitude 4k50-ita (अक्षजीवा) The Rsine of latitude 4:4-jya (अक्षज्या) The Rsine of latitude 4:2090 0ala707 (अक्षस्य वलनम्) See 4g(ata (अगत) Untraversed por tion; portion to be traversed. 4grt (अग्नि) Three 4gra (अग्र) (1) End. (2) 4gra. 4grd (अग्रा) The arc of the celes tial horizon lying between the east point and the point where the heavenly body concerned rises; or the Rsime thereof, which is equal to the distance between the east west line and the rising- setting line of the 4lig0 (अङ्ग) Six 4igula (अङ गुल) heavenly Finger-breadth. defined by the breadth of eight barley corms. 4dri (अद्रि) Seven. 4dllimaऽ८ (अधिमास) Intercalary month The intercalary months (excess of the (synodic) months over the solar months. Thus intercalary months in a yuga =lumar months in a y490 minus solar months in a 9ugu true intercalary Sum does not pass from one sign into the next. 47updata (अनुपात) Proportion. 4ltul070 (अनुलोम) Direct. A planet is said to be (direct, i.e., from west to east 47ul070ga (अनुलोमग) A planet having direct motion, t. ८., Imoving from west to east. 47aturala (अन्तराल) Interval