विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

83 that) black bees never forsake a pure and pleasant lotus. gfogaler metre. अत्राप्रस्तुसम्य कमलस्य प्रशंसया पारुदत्तस्य प्रशंसा व्यज्यते-तेनात्राप्रस्तुत- TRIOTT:. Though a lotus has its petals &c. withered up still the honey-hunting black bees don't abandon it; so I cling to Cháradatta who possesses virtuous conduct and beauteous forma- even if he le poor now.--[ifter] grammatical blunder- agafa:--the root being guṇated and used in the Atmanepada. -[जातदोषः]-guilty. अनपराधाया मे वधाभिलाषजनितदोपदूषितस्त्वं. You whose guilt is glaring in your face with your desire to throttle me.-[सुपरिसचरित]-सर्वजनाल्हादकं, अनववचारित्र्यभूषितं प. P. 186. L. 12-13 (Verse 33). A noble man born of high family though indigent should be resorted to with much are. Attach- ment to some suitable and befitting lover is an ornament (exalts the position) of the harlots. 347 metre. P. 186. L. 11. [30.] The palas'a tree (Butea Fondosa) also called Kims'uka; as well as a raw lesh cater, demon. Herein lies the abuse. (Tho Kims'uka has brilliant red flowers but is void of fragrance--so you have wealth but no excellence. Taký छदनं मत, शटी किंशुकरासु पुंसि स्याद्भरिते त्रिपु' इति मेदिनी. P. 187. L. 10-11 (Verse 34). Is he S'akra, Angada (Vali's son) the great Indra or the son of Rambshâ, Kâlanemi or Subandhu, the Kiny Rudra, Drona's son, Jatayu or Chanakya-Dhundhumara or Trisanku! शालिनी metre. मात्तौ गौ चेय्छालिनी बेद लोकैः. शक्र महेन्द्र. Indra, the divine king.-[रम्भापुत्र] It might be a misnomer of राधापुत्र or Karna.—[कालनेमि]. (1) A particular demon, uncle of Ravana, deputed by him to kill Hanumat. तथा चोक्तं रामायणे- 'कालनेमि दुराधर्ष रक्षः परभदुर्जयं चनुराम्यं चतुर्हस्तमष्टनेत्रं भयावहम्' (3) Namo of a clemon killed by Vishnu- 'आत्मानमिह सञ्जातं जानन् प्राक् विष्णुना हतम् । महासुरं कालनेमि यदुभिः स व्यरुध्यत ॥' Bhagavata.

    1. 9:--A celebrated writer on civil polity, the friend and

alviser of Clandragupta and a character of the greatest in- portance in the Mudråråkshasa, also called secufatorye &c. [rgart.) Slayer of Dhundhu, a demon who annoyed the saint Uttanka, a solar king of Ayodhyâ, properly called Kuvalayâs'ya. PARTEA celokrated king of the solar race, lord of Ayodhya and father of Haris'chandra. He was a very good ruler but his chief fault was that he loved his person to an inordinate degree.