विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

He wanted to go up to heaven in his mortal body which he go much loved. Keeping this in view he desired to perform a sacri- fice and requested his family priest Vasishtha and then his sons to officiate for him but his absurd proposal obtained the meet rejec- tion. Consequently he abused these priests who cursed him in turn to be a Chandala. Vis'våmita undertook to perform the sacrifice for him and invited all the Gods to partake of it; but they all declined. Whereupon Vis'våmitra, being enraged lifted ap Trishanku to the skies by his own supernatural powers. So Trishanku with his beloved body, began to soar higher and higher till his head touched the vault of heaven, when he was hurled down topsy-turvy by the gods. But proud Vis'wâmitra said "Stay Trislianku,' and arrested him in his downward course. So the poor monarch remained suspended in that plight as constella- tion in the southern hemisphere. P. 187. L. 13-14 (Verse 35). As Clâņakya murdered Sita in the Bharata age, so I will smash you as Jatayu did Draupadi.-- Mere jumble of words. अनुष्टुप् metre. P. 188. L. 2-3 [असंपूर्णमनोरथः] As she did not enjoy Charu- datta 's love to her heart's content.--[374 an agerata &c.] It was beneath her dignity to cry aloud like an ordinary female. P. 188. L. 12-15 (Verse 36). I have murdered this reccptacle of vice, this residence of unseemly behaviour, this roguish female, who had come to have an intercourse with one she hold most dear and who accidently foll into my hands as if in jaws of death. Why should I call it the prowess of my arms ? She has fallen never to rise at my breath as Sitâ in the Bharata. [किमेष]. She was so delicate that she expired at tho deadly stroke of my breath. My mighty arms were not needed for her destruction, (**UF.) Box, receptacle. Cf. S'akuntal P. 256. remaritish bletre. P. 189. 1-4 (Verse 37). She did not return my love, so I killed her in resentment. I suddenly frightened and strangled her to death in this lovely Pushpakarandaka garden. My brother could ill-perform liis function, my father as well as my mother like Draupadi have been deceived being unable to witness moy heroic exploits to-day. शार्दूलविक्रीडितं वृत्तम्. P. 191. L. 8-11 (Verse 38). The stream of modesty is dried up, sexual enjoyment has gone home and bereft us. Ah! me. You were, an adornment for the ornaments themselves, beautiful faced lady, the sexual pleasure itself derived its resplendence from you. Ab! You were the channel of benevolence, an isle of geniality. Ales! the sole refuge for all such as I am, Alas! alag! the