विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

76 P. 168. L. 4-7 (Verse 7). These trees putting forth (lit. de- corated with) fruits and blossoms clasped by full grown and steady creepers (twining round them), and duly attended to by the watchmen under king's command obtain complete bliss like manly husbands with their toader wives.—[F817o] RIITT: qui: निस्पन्नाः निश्चलाच ता लतास्ताभिरुपवेष्टिता आलिङ्गिता इत्यर्थ:-embraced by the matured and adhesive creopers. olet cf. Vikramo. 2, 9. 'प्रजति निर्वतिमेकपदे मनः' &c. 'सदृशमिष्टसमागमनिषूर्ति यनितया नितया रजनीवधूः' --Raghu. IX, 38. वंशस्थविलं metre and उपमालङ्कारः. P. 168. L. 9-19 (Verse 8). The ground is strewn with mani- fold flowers and the trees are bowed down with abundant flowers; and the monkeys hanging down from the topmost creepers sport about like jack-fruits.--[पनसः)-'पनसः कण्टाकिफले कण्टके वानरान्तरे स्त्रियां रोगप्रभेदे स्यात्'-इति मेदिनी.-Tree called 'कटहर' in Hindi. 'Bread-fruit, tree.'----Macdonell.[ब्रुमशि०] द्रुमाणां शिखरस्य सुमनोलसाभ्योवलम्बमाना आन्दोलयन्तः. Metre पुष्पिताग्रा. P. 168. L. 18-19. (Verse 9). Sentiment of love increases in ignoble men at the scoſt of the females, but in a noble breast it either decreases or vanishes completely.-मदनः--(मायते अनेन-मद- करणे युट्) God of love. आर्या measure. P. 169. L. 3-4 (Verse 10 ). The gun is at the zenith and is hard to see like the enraged ape. The earth is exceedingly parched and inflamed like Gandhari bereft of her hundred sous. गाथा Metre. गान्धारी (गन्धारस्यापत्यं + इ ). Name of the daughter of Sabala, king of the Gandharas and wife of Dhritarashtra. She bore to her husband hundred sons--Duryodhana and others. As her husband was blind, sho also wore a scarf over her face to reduce herself to his state.[ceri] Equal or similar to (THREE पश्यति). This and its synonyms are वाच्यलिङ्गः ( having.the gender of the substantives, adjectival) 'वाच्यलिङ्गाः समस्तुल्यः सहक्षः सदृशः सहकू, साधारणः समानश्च' इत्यमरः. P. 169. L. 6. (Verse 11). The herd of kine is dozing in the shade, letting fall mouthfuls of fodder. The thirsty deer quafi even tho hot water of the pool. Nobody traverses the public road for fear of sunstroke. So I fancy that the carriage has turned aside from the heated path (lit. spot) and is standing af sozae shady ground. शार्दूलविक्रीडितं metre.---[सारस]-(सरस इदं + अण) belong. ing to a lake. Ci.- 'विशदाविशदामससारसे सारसे जले, कुरुते कुरुते नेयं इंसी मामन्तकामियम्.' Kávyadarsa III. 14.