विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Cf. Malavika. II, 12. 'पत्रच्छायासु हंसा मुकुलितनयमा दीपिका पधिनीनां सौधान्यत्यर्धसापालभिपरिचयद्वेषिपारावतानि । बिन्दूत्क्षेपान पिपासुः परिपतसि शिस्त्री आन्तिमद्वारियनम् सर्वैरुत्रैः समस्त्वमिव नृपगुणैदीप्यते सप्तसप्तिः ॥' - [anturfi)-principal road, high way. P. 169. L. 11-14 (Verso 12). Worthy sire ! The rays of the Sun find their shelter in my head and the birds are hidden in the branches of the trees, while men breathing hard and panting spend with difficulty the hot noon in their residences. खग, विहम, मर, Tom &c. tautology, characteristic of S'akara, Hifrat metre. P. 170. L. 3-4 (Verse 13). How should I fail to be swoct- voiced. I made practice of taking perfumes like asafoetida, cumin- seed, arris-root, treacle and dry ginger. Vita said that lie was verily a Gandharva chorister of heaven; but the foolish Sakâra blundered upon t fragrance and gan - dharve.-[गन्धयुक्तिः] Preparation of perfumes. Metre उपजातिः. P. 170. L. 9-10( Verse 14). I always fed upon the cuckoo- meat, well seasoned with asafoetida and black pepper fried in oil and especially in clarified butter--then why should I not havo charming voice.--[arreit:) sprinkling (especially) ghee upon the fire at sacrifices, here ghec. fta-cooked in ghee. Cf. serrat- Farge:-oblation poured into fire at the commencement and terminus of the sacrifice and at the North the altar. P. 171. L. 10. [विसंतुलम् ] Infirm, unsteady. P. 172. L. 15. (parcetatoI will not be able to replace myself. P. 173. L. 4. न छिन्नौ वृषभौ न मृताः रजवः. Notice his nonsensical remarks. P. 173. L. 8. [सादरका]-आदरणीयः-Respectable.-अभ्यन्तरकः]- हृदयङ्गमः-रहस्यबन्धुरित्यर्थः---intimate friend. P. 173. L. 8. [gretoria:] To be placed at the head or honoured. P. 173. L. 11. बप्पलके-Cf. Hindi क्या सेरे पापका है. P. 174. L. 9. यदि राक्षसी तदोभावपि भूषितौ (robbed) in lieu of खादितौ so in अथ चौरः सदोभावपि खादितो. P. 174. L. 12. [ordiko) Eyes dazzled with the glare of the mid-day Sun. P. 175. L. 1-2 (Verse 15). Like bulls that hang their heads against the driving rain (lit. with eyes struck by rain) we may walk on the path and go hence with down cast eyes (lit. stooping heads). I aim at esteem in the assembly of the wise and (hence)