विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

P R E F A C E संसाराध्वनि तापभानुकिरणनोद्तदाहव्यथा खिन्नानां जलकांक्षया मरुभुवि भ्रान्त्या परिभ्राम्यताम् । अत्यासन्नसुधाम्बुधिं सुखकरं ब्रह्मद्वयं दर्शय न्यग्रा शंकरभारती । विजयते निर्वाणसंदायिनी ॥ The present edition is the outcome of a careful collation of the following printed editions and MSS. (1) Calcutta Edition-very inaccurate . (2) Benares Edition-fairly correct. (3) Anandashrauma Edition-very incorrect. (4) MSof Bhashya only-tolerably accurate, (5) MS. of Bhashya only-most incorrect and wholly unre- liable (6). MS. of Bhashya with the gloss of Anandagiri-fairly accurate. (7) MSof Shankarananda-Dipikवै only All the above four MSS were procured from the Deccan College Library for this edition. (8) MSof Bhashya and the gloss procured by Mr. Mahadeo Shastri Bakre-fairly accurate, (9) Bhashya only belonging to the Gujarati Press Library first page wanting. (10) MS. of Anubhutiprakasha-my own. The text of this edition has been arrived at by an ecclectic process which the several MSS. derived as they are from different sources, have enabled me to carry on. No single printed edtition or MSout of these is quite free from a number of serious blunders of some kind or othet. The