विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Shri Vani vilas Press edition of this Upanishad was received only after half the work had been printed. An excellent edition of the Bhashya with Vanamala Tika was received after the whole work had been printed. All the important readings and correct tions suggested by these two are given in the accompanying list of Variae Lectiones and Corrigenda. In the extant editions the text of the Bhashya has been dis. figured by typographical errors, by insertion of words, phrases, and sentences where they ought not to be, and by onmission of those that are necessary. An ordinary Sanskrit scholar may make his way through some of the errors with the help of the two glosses of Anandagiri, one on the Bhsahya itself and another on Sureshwaracharya's Vartika on the Bhashya, but not through others which render the Bhashya quite unintelligible even to a very erudite Sanskrit scholar. These defects I have tried to ¥emove. I have given only those readings that yield some good meaning of at least are not absurd. A special feature of this edition is the innovation introduced in regard to two or three matters. In none of the editions obove referred to, is there any attempt made at punctuation or division of the text of the Bhashya into paragraphs on a sound principle. In the present edition special attention has been paid to punctuation. ‘The text of the Bhashya has also been divided into paragraphs Page headings and marginalia have been freely inserted. The student will find all these of great help in understanding the Bhashya and following the line of argument through the several stages, Another special feature of this edition is that here, for the first time, the quotations -numbering about 300 are plainly marked and their sources indicated. All but 8or9 have been traced and verified Only quotation hunters will rightly appreciate the immense labour and research which it implies' '! I have also included in this edition, in convenient sections, the Taittiriyaaavidyaprakash from Vidyबैranya's Abhtiprakhsha,