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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

The present edition of Kālidāsa's Sakuntal is based on the following manuscript material 2 = an excellent ms., Wilson, no. 233; Auffrecht, Cat. Cod. Oxon 10. 253 The ms. is incomplete, beginning with supādu ajo at page 21. 4 of this edition (= 1.24.48 of ed. 2). It was written in 171० by Jayadevaka Tमा title-page of this volume is dated 1922, and the prefatory note (page vi, opposite) is dated February 22, 1922. The printed sheets from Stuttgart arrived in Boston on the steamship Fuerst Buelow, November 28, 1923, and were released from the Custom-house just after Christmas. In February 1922, the printing of this book was so very mearly completed that a further delay of twenty-odd months, or even of ten, in its appearance, seemed as improbable as do the Buddhist stories (H.O.S.3०.3०7; 29.216) of babes born after a stay of seven years and seven months and seven days in their mothers bely. The reader may be spared the whys and the wherefores of the long gestation. But he may at least be told that this book has been in very deed It is therefore a solace to be able to say that, trying as have been the circumstances attending the issue of this work, there has never been any jarring or friction between those concerned in its production, nor ever an unlkind word said. It is pleasant to think of the departed Pischel, and of his friendly and helpful colleagues, and of the faithful Swabian printers in Stuttgart. Before the refractory material of the apparatus criticus was all in type Professor Cappeller's eyesight failed. At this juncture, Professor Geldner now of Marburg, came to my aid. It is an especial pleasure for me to thank him publicly for his kindlness in reading the proofs of pages 2०9 to 26०. On August 8, 1873, for the first time, Geldner and I sat together in Tuebingen at the feet of that truly great teacher and master of the interpretation of the Weda, Rudolf Roth. Thus for more than half a century Geldner and I have love for Roth. And so it is peculiarly ftting that, in thanking Geldner, I wish him as 1 heartily do health and strength to finish the printing of what is sure to be his best claim upon the gratitude of Indianists, his Trans lation of the Rig-Weda [Digitized by (Google

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