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Prefatory Note by Professor edition from the first edition (pages 249-255). He has written for this edition a Preface, in which he says what needs to be said about the Text and about the other matters just mentioned And he has added a section giving an account of the metres. To this I have added 11 An essay entitled ,A Method for citing Sanskrit Dramas written by me and prefixed to Belvalkar's Translation of Rama's Later History, volume 21 of this Series, pages xvi-xxvii The essay points out the annoyances and hindrances' and waste of time occasioned by bad methods or lack of method, and discusses the essential features of a good one. The method, in briefest statement, is as follows: Method of citing the metrical parts of a play - These are cted by act, and by stanza as numbered from the beginning of that act, and by quarter or pada, the pada being indicated by a or b or c or d Method of citing the prose parts of a play. - The prose lines between any two consecutive stan2as are numbered from the prior the latter stan2a, starting always amew from the prior starm2a. A given 1ine is cited by number of act and by number of prior stan2a (counted as above) and by number of line as counted from said prior stan2a. If there is no prior stanza (that is, if the act begins with prose), a 2ero is put in place of the stam2a-number This is the method used in this volume. For examples, see the head-lines of the pages of the text. A reprint of the essay may be had free on application to the Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Since uniformity of method is in itself highly desirable, I earnestly hope that this method will be widely accepted and followed by future editors and scholars of India and the Occident. Pages 1-208 (sheets 1-26) of this volume were printed before the admirable execution of this part of the work, the most generous thanks are due to the honored House of W. Kohlhammer of Stuttgart, who has already laid Orientalists under great obligations . – In the pages that follow 20०8, I fear that errors and other lapses from the standards of this Series may be found. If so, the death of Professor Pische, the distresses of the War, the effects of war-prices, the disappearance of part of the printer's copy and the difficulties of printing in these times at an office thousands of miles distant, may seem to be reasons enough Harvard University February 22, 1922 [Digitized by (Google

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