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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Netherlands. 1891. Second issue, 1914. Pages, 270. Royal 8 Price, 3. A masterpiece, as to language and style and metrical form, of iterature of the Northern Canon. By the Honorable (rya) (Cura. Stories used as homilies in old Buddhist monasteries. Editio princeps. Kerm (1833-1917), long the honored Dean of the Dutch Orientalists, thought that gCura fourished not far from 600 A.D., or earlier Bonglish translation by Speyer, London, 1895, Frowde 3ankhya philosophy. By Wijiāna-Bhikahu. Edited in Sanskrit [Roman letters] by Profe80r RICHARD GARBE, University of Tulbingen, Germany 1895. Page3, 210 . recogniछes 80uls and primeval matter, but not God. Wijflama, however, is a pronounced theist. But in spite of his distortions of the original system his Commentary (about 1550 A.D.) is the fullest source that we have for a knowledge of the Sankhya system, andone of the most important (Garbe's Preface). Garbe studied the whole work with Bhagavata charya in Benares. German translation by Garbe Leipaig, 1889, Brockhaus. Partial English version in J. R. Balantyme's The Sankhya Apborisms of Kapila, London, 1885, Tribner volume 8. Buddhism In Translations. Pa33ages selected from the Buddhist 3acred books of Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1896. Bighth issue, 1922. Pages, 560. Royal 8". Price, In accordance with the author's wish, the original price of this beautiful volume was 8et very low, at 1.20. In spite of greatly changed conditions, that price has been main tained unaltered. Prefixed is a beautiful photogravure of a Gandhāra Buddha. Buddhism portrayed in the words of the Buddhists themselve. The life of Buddha (a beautiful narrative), his teaching, and his monastio order form the substance of this work. The Pali passage, done into wigorous English and accourately rendered, chosen with such broad and learned circumspection that they make a systematically complete presentation of their difficult subject. Waren's material is drawn straight from the fountain-head. It is this fact that has given to his work an abiding importance and value. It has been highly praised by competent judgea. Moreover, it has enjoyed a very wide circulation in America and Europe and the Orient. And nearly half of the work wasincluded by President Eliot in The Hour०rdCa8b०8 (New York, P. F. Collier and Son), of which a quarter of a million sets and more have been Bold. The usefulnes of Waren's work has thus been incalculably enhanced. The life of Henry Warren as a scholar is memorable in the ammals of American learn. ing. A brief memorial of his life and publio services is appended to volume 30 of this Series, of which he was joint-founder. It is also issued with the Descriptive List of this Series (see above, page 1). The List may be had, free, upon application to the Harvard University Press. Critically edited in the original Prākrit [[Nagari letters], with a goe8arial index, and an e8ay on the life and writing of the poet, by ST Koow, Profe8or of Indio Philology at the University of Christiania, Norway, and15pigraphist to the Governmen [Digitized by (Google