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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

ounded in 1891 by 1Member of the American Philosophical Society (founded, 1727); Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science3 (1780); President (for 1889-1880) of the American Philological A8ociation (1869); President (or 1907-1908 and 1919-1920) of the American Oriental Society (1842). Honorary Fellow of the Asiatio Society of Bengal (Calcutta, 1784); Honorary Member of the Societ8 Asiatique (Paris, 1822); the Royal Asiatio Society (London, 1823), and the Deutsche Morgenlandiscthe Ge8ellschaft (Leipळांg, 1845). Honorary Member of the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (Shang hai), the Finnish-Ugian Society (EHelsingoिrs), the India 8ociety (London); Honorary Correpondent of the Archaeological Department of the Government of India; Foreign Member of the Bohemian Society of Sciences (Prague, 1759); Member of the Colonial 50ciety of Massachusetts ; Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Bologma (1712), of the8ociety of Sciences at, G6ttingen (1751), of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Petrograd, 1725), and of the Academie des Inscriptions et Bele5 Letres (16 3) of the Institute of France. Published by the Earvard Univeralty Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. of America. Randal Hall, Cambridge. The Agent of the Preas in Great Britain is Humphrey Milliord, 0ford University Pres, Amen Corner, London, E.C Direct appl1cation for books of this Series may be made, with remittance, to the Harvard University Press at Cambridge, Ma8achusetts. The volumes will then be sent by mail or par0el-post, direct to the buyer. The 1st-prices are subject to a trade-discount. No extra charge is made for postage. This 1ist, is here revised up to date of December, 1923. Prices of previous revisions are cancelled. Descriptive L18t. A bound volume, containing a list of the volumes, and a brief memorial of Eenry Clarke Warren, joint-founder, will be sent free upon application to the Har ward University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. - The List, tells the general nature and contents of each work of the Series, and the uses which that work is designed to serve. The List gives also extracts from critical notices of those works, taken from various periodicals of high standing. Appended is a partial list of librarie8 where the Series may be found. Externals of the volumes. The books of this Series as a whole are printed on paper of a guality and tensile strength far above the average. They are all bound durably in ful buckram. The edges are cut, but the margins are ample; and the tops are gilded, not for ormament, but to make cleaning easy. The backs are properly lettered. No work is issued until it is complete. Wolume 10 is royal quart0 (32 om.); volume8 7 and 8 are super-royal octavo (28om.); the reat are royaloctavo (26 om.) or ale or public inspection. A complete stock of the publications of the Harvard University Press is carried by the 0xford University Press in London. Copies of this Series may be seen also in the Reading Room of the Harvard Library, Widener Hall, Cambridge, and at Randal Hal, Cambridge, and at the New York Public Library Some of the public Ibraries in which this Series may be found are given below, in a list on page8 13-15. Dotect) (Google