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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Preface by Capeller to this, the second, edition . 5. Prakrit words. Simple orthographic improvements have not been noticed in the Table. Only those cases are registered where Pischel in the face of several possibilities decided to make a change. For example, ed. I has Mahavva (133.8; 140. [5), which Pischel has changed in ed. 2 to Madhavva (wi. 18.2; 26.3). The paava of ed. I (13.2) is printed padava in ed. 2 (i.20.4) and a reference to 8 186 of the Prakrit grammar is made in the Table. So kada of ed. I (36. 16; 140. 13) is changed to kida in ed. 2 (i.7.6; vi.26, 2) and a reference to 8 49 is added. 6. Enclitic particles. A careful discrimination between the varying forms of these particles (cf. page XV above) is consistently carried out in ed. 2, but the details are not given in the Table. The critics are probably few who will condemn this as a sin of omission. (Conclusion. – And so we hope that this unpretentious work, in its new form, will accomplish its purpose, and that it will win among students of Sanskrit and among Indianists the same recognition and wide circulation which it attained in such ample measure many years ago. University of Jena Saxe-Weimar, Germany [xvii Carl Cappe11er. [Digitized

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