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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

xvi] Preface by Cappeller to this, the second, edition . [[ Pischel's manuscripts treat the Sanskrit form as follows: S reads Dubsva in 11 places, Dubsma in 1, Dubsma in 1, and Dausma I reads Dubsa in 13 places , and Dauthsa. N reads Dusva in 13 places, and Dausva RZy read Dusma in 13 places, and Dausma D ) reads Dusna at 3.9 and 25. 13. * B reads Dussa in 5 places, Dubsa in 3, Dubsma in 2, Dusma in 2, Dusva in 1, and Daussa Pischel's manuscripts treat the Prakrit forms as follows: For the Saurasem form, all mss. reads Dussantarm. For the Māgadhi form, the ms. S reads Dubsvante, I Dubsantab, NB Dussante, R Dugmanto, 2८ Du9 mante, y Dussanto In both editions and in all occurrences Pischel prints the Sanskrit form as Dubsanta (Dauthsanti), the Saurasem form as Dussantarm, and the Māgadh form as Du55ante The Table of Divergences of the second edition from the first In this, the procedure follows the same principles as with the Variants. Only matters of essential importance have been put into the Table. Many things are left quite unnoticed. As to the divergences left un noticed in the Table, several summary statements need here to be made. Punctuation. Marks of punctuation are lacking in ed. I after vocatives and interjections and often elsewhere. In ed. 2 such marks have been inserted. 2. Orthography. The spelling of single words is often bettered Thus for patra, koga , vessa, argullya of ed. 1, the second edition has pattra, kosa, vessa, aiguriya . 3. The use of final m in the pause is consistently regulated in ed. 2. Often in ed. I, and especially throughout the first act, anusvāra is made to do duty for m in Indian fashion. 4. Separations and colocations. These concern matters more or less arbitrary. For example, in ed. I tatrabhavān is written as two words, while in ed. 2 it is written as one word. In ed. I atha kim or adha in is written now as one word and now as two ; in ed. 2 it is written as two words 1 But at 139. 13, Duya prima manu 2 At 41. 12 are two variants for N - - the first probably an oversight 3 At 3. 9 mo wariant is gven for 2. 4 The readings of D are given only as far as 35.4 5.b. Dotect, Google

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