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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

194 I. Sanskrit-English Glossary. Glossary to the Exercises. For the alphabetic order of Sanskrit words see p. xii. I. Sanskrit-English. Adjectives in -a form their feminine in -ā, unless otherwise stated. akşa m., die, dice. adhas adv., below, down. akşan (akși: 275) n., eye. adhastāt adv., below; prep., w. agni m., fire; as n. pr., Agni, the gen., underneath. god of fire. adhi adv., over, above, on. agnihotrin m., a kind of priest. adhika a., additional; superior. agra ., front; tip, end. adhīta part. of adhi-i. añga n., limb; body. adhună adv., now angiras (253) m., certain mythical adhvaryu m., priest who recites characters. | the Yajurveda. añjali m., a gesture (Voc. 37). 1 an (ániti: 429) breathe; - + aņu a., small; as n., atom. pra breathe; live. atas adv., bence. an, before cons. a, negative prefix. ati adv., across, past; in cpds, anaờuh (278) m., ox. to excess. anantaram adv., after, immediately atithi m., guest. afterward; as prep., W. abl., atra adv., bere, bither. right after. atha adv., then; thereupon. anartha m., misfortune. atharvaveda m., the fourth Veda. anavadya a., faultless. adas (asāu: 287) pron., that one; anahilapāțaka n., n. pr., a city. so-and-so. anu adv., after, along, toward. adya adv., to-day. anuküla a., favorable; as n., favor. adyatana adj., of to-day. anujñā f., permission. adroha m., faithfulness. anurūpa a., suitable. adhurma m., injustice, wrong. aneku a., several. Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®