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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Lesson XXXIV. XXXV. 147 six-days, or three-days. 17. Purūravas, Indra's-friend, married the moon-faced“, faultless-limbed * Apsaras Urvaçi. 18. Bhrgukaccha is situated (aa) on the Narmadā. 19. There stands the lorg- armed, broad-chested king-of-the-Añgas, sword-in-hand. 20. The path-of-knowledge is better than the path-of-works. 21. In-the- opinion-of-the-ancient-seers (cpd in loc. or instr.) one-whose-hus- band-is-dead may choose a second at-pleasure. 22. Love is bodiless, and bears-a-fish-in-his-banner; so say the poets. 23. The Brālınan’s- daughter, Sītā-by-name*, is lotus-eyed.* 24. The king, although (ufa) many-wired, is childless. 25. The eloquent** pandit bas arrived with-his-scholars. 26. With-upturned-face (GTG) Cătaka prays for rain-water. Lesson XXXV. 383. First Conjugation of Verbs. Present System.*** In this conjugation the optative act., the 2nd sing. imv. act., and the 3rd pl. mid., are formed otherwise than in the a-conjugation. 384. Strong forms. The forms in which the stem assumes its strong form are these: the three persons sing. of the pres. and impf. indic. act., all first persons of the imv., act. and mid., and the 3rd sing. imv. act. All other forms of the present system are weak. 385. Endings. For the middle endings a, m, and PTITA are substituted अते, अत, and अताम; and after reduplicated stems (and a few others) #fa, , and EH are substituted for the Secondary adj. cpds., fem. in f.

    • Dep. cpd, “skilled in speech”.
      • For a comprehensive view of the ways of forming the present-

stems of verbs following this general conjugation, see Introduction, $ 78. 10* Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®