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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Lesson XXXIV. 145 compounds which have an indeclinable or particle as prior member are considered by the Hindus a separate class of compounds, and called avyayābhāra*. 1. The prepositional compounds are especially frequent in this use; thus, ufactua “at evening'; FATA 'in sight'; 7 5H (= TFTH 7) Salong the Ganges’; 3979A 'on the G.'; ufaqur every year'. – 2. A large class of avyayi- bhāvas is made up of words having a relative adverb, especially 981, as prior member. Thus, yeah, got7HH, 7 EA, “as one chooses'. And, with other adverbs: yrastaa as long as one lives ’; HEATHA whither one will'. 382. Occasionally quite anomalous compounds will be met with. For such, cf. Whitney, § 1314. 10 Vocabulary XXXIV. Verbs: 129 (raráyate) choose, select. fe + fata deterinine, decide. #C+ (āsídati) approach. T + fa in caus. (vidāráyati) tear + HAT in caus. (samāsādáyati) open. meet with, encounter. ug (pâțuyati) split open. eq (hársati; hřsyati) rejoice, be भ + अभि overpower. delighted. Subst.: ato n., palate. 5 n., limb, member, body. qant f., thirst, desire.

  1. TATT m., form, figure.

T f., tootb. par m., moon. afa f., brilliancy. EFT 1., belly. qaa m., mountain. aa m., banner grave m., a tribe in India. atfe f., peak; point, tip. JETT m., stroke, shot; wound. TGT f.. top-knot, scalp. juu m., breath, life (often pl.). yra n., knowledge; insight. He n., head.

  • The word means 'conversion to an indeclinable'.

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