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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

138 Lesson XXXIII. OT ore prior member stands in any possible case-relation. Thus, aga gone to the village '; azraz Veda-knowing'; – fuation “protected by Çiva’; tifea (= sê fea:) "good for the cow'; -- स्वर्गपतित ‘fallen from the sky'; तरङ्गचञ्चलतर ‘more mobile than waves'; — faut TTH (= f FITOTTA 37A:) 'best of Brāhmans '; - ertan 'cooked in a pot'. 361. Compounds of this sort having as final member the bare root – sometimes modified in form, and, if it end originally in a sbort vowel, generally with an added a – are very numerous : thus, acfac above (§ 360); reestanding in the wagon' (or simply “in the wagon'); go on the head'; van 'only-born’; aret ($ 352, 6) -forest-dwelling’; ufufgt ‘firm in battle’; 9- fHs 'born in the heart' (i. e. 'love'). 362. B. Descriptive compounds. In this division of tbe deter- minatives, the prior member stands to the other in no distinct case- relation, but qualifies it adjectively or adverbially, according as the final member is noun or adjective. Thus, fuerte ($ 353, 2); Fana 'well-done'; Eliona evil-doing' (adj.). The compounds of noun-value cannot well be separated in treatment from those of adjective-value. 363. The simplest case is that in which a noun as final member is preceded by a qualifying adjective as prior member. Thus, a TUTT (= quit sa:) 'black horse'; HETTTT ‘great man’. Instead of an adjective, the prior member is in a few cases a noun used appositionally or with a quasi-adjective value; thus, afo •priest- sage’; Trofa 'king-sage'. 364. Sometimes compounds of this sort express a comparison; thus, ERTH 'black as a thunder - cloud' (cf. “coal-black', etc.). Reversed, gruang man-tiger', i. e., 'a mau fierce as a tiger?;*

  • Literally, a tiger which is not a tiger after all, but a man.

Or, perbaps better, "tiger of (or among) men' (s0 Whitney). 1 V Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®