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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

112 Lesson XXVII. Vocabulary XXVII. Verbs: 77 (bhakşůyati) eat. i q +54 (upėkșate) neglect. 28 break. 2a + fa (vikiráti) scatter. 2H3 + 39 enjoy. pure + 49 (den. – avagandyati) H+ oft (paribhávati) despise. despise. A (májjati) sink. 77 +35, in caus. (uccăráyati) ya in caus. (yojáyati) yoke, pronounce, say. barness. a+ya (avatárati) descend. 79 (lågati) attach; bang, cling, +33 (uttárati) emerge, come adhere. out.

  1. (sidati) sit, settle down; be

qt or uit (pyāyate) become stout overcome, exhausted. or fat. VOI vel Subst.: faqte m., wedding, marriage. afapt m. du., nom. pr., the afa m., illness. Açvins (the Indian Aids zoûpoi). Tait m., car. IT m., “walk and con- 7211 f., bed. versation"; conduct of life, ob- m., n., plough. servance. ETT m., chain, garland. Bu n., debt. Adj.: 4TH m., n. pr. a mountain. are (part. of 287) reduced, de- Ty f., hunger. cayed; ruined. Det er n., life of boliness, i. e. fata f.om, great, strong, violent. religious studentship. पीन (part. of पो) fat. 1779 n., meal-time, meal. Egifta studying sacred know- HEU m., n. pr., a Vedic personage. ledge; as m. subst., Brābman Ayua m., sweet drink. student. at f., pearl. ata (part.) abandoned; wanting Ta m., demon. in; and so sometimes w. instr., aty m., acquisition, gain. = 'without'. Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®