विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


उणादेिकोश a metrical work explain- ing the उणादि words referred to above with meanings assigned to them. There are two such compositions one by Rāmatar- kavāgīśa or Rāmaśarma and the other by Rāmacandra Dīkṣita.

उणादिप्रातिपदिक word form or crude base, ending with an affix of the uṇ class, which is looked upon as practically underived, the affixes un and others not be- ing looked upon as standard affixes applied with regular mean- ings attached to them and capable of causing operations to the preceding base as prescribed by rules of grammar; cf. उणादयोS व्युत्पन्नानि प्रातिपदिकानि । व्युत्पन्नानीति शाक- टायनरीत्या । पाणिनेस्त्वव्युत्पत्तिपक्ष एवेति शब्देन्दु- शेखरे निरूपितम्. Pari. Śek. on Pari- bhāṣa 22.

उणादिसूत्र, उणादिसूत्रपाठ the text of the Sūtras which begins with the Sūtras prescribing the affix उण् after the roots कृ, वा, पा, जि, स्वद्, साध् and अश्; cf Uṅādi Sūtras 1.1. for the different versions of the text See उणादि. Similar Sūtras in Kātantra, Āpiśali, Sakaṭāyana and other systems of grammar are also called Uṇādi Sūtras.

उणादिसूत्रदशपादी the text of the Uṇādi Sūtras divided into ten chapters believed to have been written by शाकटायन. It is printed at the end of the Prakriyā Kau- mud and separately also, and is also available in manuscripts with a few differences. Patañjali in his Bhāṣya on P.III.3.1, seems to have mentioned Sakaṭāyana as the author of the Uṇādi Sūtras al- though it cannot be stated defi- nitely whether there was at that time, a version of 10

the Sūtras in five chapters or in ten chapters or one, com- pletely different from these, as scholars believe that there are many interpolations and changes in the versions of Uṇādi Sūtras available at present. A critical study of the various versions is extremely desirable.

उणादिसूत्रपञ्चपादी the text of the Uṇādi Sūtras divided into five chapters which is possessed of a scholarly commentary written by Ujjvala- datta. There is a commentary on it by Bhaṭṭoji Dīkṣita also.

उणादिसूत्रवृत्ति a gloss on the Uṇādi Sūtras in the different versions. Out of the several glosses on the Uṇādi Sūtras, the important ones are those written by Ujjvaladatta, Govardhana, Puruṣottamadeva, Rāmacandra Dīkṣita and Hari- datta. There is also a gloss called Uṇādisūtrodghātana by Miśra. There is a gloss by Durgasiṁha on the Kātantra version of the Uṇādi Sūtras.

उत् (1) Short vowel उ in Pāṇini's terminology cf, P.I.1.70, I,2.21. IV.1.44, V.1.111 ; (2) tad-affix उत् applied to पूर्व and पूर्वतर for which पर् is substituted; e.g. परुत्. See P. V.3.22 Vārt.

उत्करादि a class of words headed by the word उत्कर, to which the tad- dhita affix छ is added in the four senses, the affix being popularly known as चातुरर्थिक; cf. उत्करीयम्, शफरीयम् etc.; Kāś. on P.V.2.90.

उत्क्रम a variety of the Krama des- cribed in the Prātiśākhya works.

उत्तम (1) the best,the highest,the last: (2) the last letter of the consonant- classes, the nasal; cf, A.Pr.II.4.14; R.Pr.IV.3; cf. also अनुत्तम meaning non-nasal; (3) the उत्तमपुरुष or the