विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


BELVALKAR ] a well-known Sanskrit scholar of the present day who has been the General Editor of the Mahabharata published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Poona. He has written a book on grammar reviewing very briefly the various systems of Sanskrit grammar, which is named "Systems of Sanskrit Grammar".

बोथलिंग्क [BOHTLINGK, OTTO] a German Sanskrit scholar and Grammarian of St.Petersberg, who has written a short gloss in German on Panini's Astadhyayi under the title "Panini's Grammatik" with an introduction and various indexes at the end. He has also critically edited Mugdhabodha of Bopadeva.

बोध्य a technical term for the voca- tive case in the Jainendra Vyaka- rana.

बॉप [ BOPP, FRANZ ] a German Sanskrit scholar who has written the famous volumes of "The Com- parative Sanskrit Grammar".

बोपदेव a great Sanskrit scholar and grammarian belonging to Deva- giri in the greater Maharastra who was supported by Hemadri of Devagiri. He resided at सार्थग्राम on the river Varada in the first half of the thirteenth century. He wrote a short treatise on Sanskrit Grammar, which has a number of peculiar abbreviations for the usual well-known grammatical terms. His grammar had a wide spread in Bengal and it is today a very common text on Grammar Bengal. On this account some scholars believe that he lived in Bengal. He was the son of Kesava and pupil of Dhanesa. He is also the author, of the well-known

work कविकल्पद्रुम on which he has written a commentary named कामधेनु or काव्यकामधेनु.

ब्रह्मकाण्ड name given to the first section or Kanda of Bhartrhari's Vakyapadiya. It deals with Sphota, and in a way it contains in a nut- shell the philosophy of Sanskrit Grammar.

ब्रह्मराशि the sacred Sanskrit alphabet given in the fourteen sutras of Ma- hesvara, named Aksarasamamnaya which is called ब्रह्मराशि as it contains the basic letters of शब्द which is Brahma according to Gramma- rians; cf. सोयमक्षरसमाम्नायो वाक्यसमाम्नायः पुष्पितः फलितश्चन्द्रतारकवत् प्रतिमण्डितो वेदितव्यो ब्रह्मराशिः M. Bh. Ahnika 2 end; cf. also एते पञ्चषष्टिवर्णा ब्रह्मराशिरात्मवाचः V. Pr.VIII. 25.

ब्राह्मणादि a class of words headed by the word ब्राह्मण to which the tad. affix य ( ष्यञ् ) is added in the sense of 'nature' or 'duty'; e. g. ब्राह्मण्यं ( ब्राह्मणस्य भावः कर्म वा ); cf ब्राह्मणादिराकृतिगणः अादिशव्दः प्रकारवचनः Kas. on P. V.1.24.

भ् fourth letter of the labial class which is possessed of the pro- perties कण्ठसंवृतता, नादानुप्रदान, घोष, and महाप्राणत्व.

(1) the letter or sound भ् with the vowel अ added for facility of utterance; (2) a technical term in the Grammar of Panini given to a noun base before such case and taddhita affixes as begin with any vowel or with the consonant य्. The utility of this designation of भ to the base is (l) to pre- vent the substitutes which are enjoined for the final vowel or consonant of a pada (a word end-