विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


repeated word; cf. इतिकरणात् पुरतो यत् पुनः पदवचनं तत् चर्चाशब्देनोच्यते. Uvvata on V. Pr. III.20; (3) a discussion or a debate where consideration is given to each single word; cf. प्रर्यायशब्दानां लाघवगौरवचर्चा नाद्रियते Par. Sek. Pari. 115.

चर्चागुण repetition of a word in the पद्पाठ, क्रमपाठ, जटापाठ etc. where the several Pathas appear to be called चर्चा.In the पदपाठ a word in a comp- ound is repeated twice, in the क्रमपाठ every word is repeated twice, in the जटापाठ, six times.

चंर्चापद component words of a runn- ing text or of a compound word.

चर्त्व substitution of a hard consonant or श्, ष्, स्, for soft consonants and aspirates. See the word चर्.

चर्मशिरस् name of a Nirukta writer quoted by Yaska; cf. Nir.III.15.

चवर्ग the group of consonants of the palatal class,.wiz.च् , छ् , ज् , झ् , and ञ्. The word च is used in the same sense in the Pratisakhya works.See the word च.

चाक्रवर्मण an ancient grammarian whose view is quoted by Panini in his Sutra ई 3 चाक्रवर्मणस्य P.VI.1.130.

चाङ्गुदास the same as चङ्गु or चाङ्गु or चङ्गुदास,a grammarian who compo- sed a compendium on grammar called वैयाकरणजीवातु and also a com- mentary on it.

चाङ्गुसूत्र a treatise on the grammar Written by चाडगुदास in the Sutra form,which was named वैयाकरणजीवातु by him.

चाङ्गुव्याकरण the same as चाङ्गुसूत्र.

चातुःस्वार्य the view that there are four accents-the udatta, the anudatta, the svarita and the pracaya - held by the Khandikya and the Aukhiya Schools.

चातुरर्थ a tad- affix prescribed in the

four senses-तदस्मिन्नस्ति, तेन निवृत्तम् , तस्य निवासः and अदूरभवः mentioned by Panini in IV.2.67-70; cf.अपत्यादि- भ्यश्चातुरर्थपर्यन्तेभ्यः येन्येर्थाः स शेष: M.Bh. on IV.2.92.

चातुरर्थिक the affixes prescribed in the four senses mentioned in P. IV.2.67-70. These taddhita affixes are given in the Sutras IV.2.71 to IV.2.91. The term चातुरर्थिक is used for these afixes by commen- tators on Panini sutras.

चातुर्वर्ण्यादि words mentioned in the class headed by चातुर्वर्ण्य where the tad. affix ष्यञ् is applied although the words चतुर्वर्ण, चतुर्वेद and others are not गुणवचन words to which ष्यञ् is regularly applied by P. V-1-124. cf. ब्राह्मणादिषु चातुर्वर्ण्यादीनामुप- संख्यानम् P. V. I. 124 Vart. 1.

चादि a class of words headed by च which are termed निपात by Panini e g- च,वा,ह, एवम् नूनम्, चेत्, माङ् etc.; cf. चादयोSसत्वे. P. I.4.57. For the meaning of the word असत्त्व see p.370 Vyakaranamahabhasya. Vol. VII. published by the D. E. Society, Poona.

चानश् krt affix अान applied to a root, to signify habit, age or strength; e. g. आत्मानं भूषयमाणाः । कवचं बिभ्राणाः । शत्रून्निघ्राना: cf. P. III. 2. 129.

चान्द्र name of a treatise on grammar written by Candra, who is believed to have been the same as Can- dragomin. The Grammar is based upon that of Panini, but it does not treat Vedic forms and accents. See the word चन्द्र above. For details see pp. 375- 376 Patanjali Mahabhasya. Vol. VII, D.E. Society's Edition.

चान्द्रव्याकरणपद्धति name of a con- mentary on the चान्द्रव्याकरण written by अानन्ददत्त.

चाप् the fem. affix आ, applied to