विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

Mahabhasyakara himself who was a resident of Gonarda. Hari Diksita, however, holds that गोनर्दीय was the term used for the author of the . Varttikas; cf. Brhacchabdaratna.

गोपवनादि a class of eight words head- ed by the word गोपवन, the taddhita affix in the sense of गोत्र ( i. e. a descendant excepting a son or a daughter) such as the affix यञ् or अञू after which, is not elided in the plural number; c. g. गौपवना:, शौग्रवा: etc.; cf. Kas. on P. II. 4.67.

गोपाल ( देव ) known more by the nickname of मन्नुदेव or मन्तुदेव who lived in the eighteenth century and wrote several commentary works on well-known grammatical treatises such as the Vaiyakarana- bhusanasara, Laghusabdenduse- khara, Paribhasendusekhara etc. He is believed to have written a treatise on Ganasutras also; (2) a grammarian different from the above मन्नुदेव who has written an explanatory work on the Prati- sakhyas;.(3) a scholar of grammar, different from the above who is believed to have written a gloss named Visamarthadipika on the Sarasvata Vyakarana at the end of the sixteenth century.

गोपीचन्द्र known also by the name गेयींचन्द्र who .has written several commentary works on the gram- matical treatises of the Samksipa- tasara or Jaumāra school of Vya- karana founded by Kramdisvara and Jumaranandin in the 12th century, the well-known among them being the संक्षिप्तसाटीका, संक्षित- सारपरिभात्रासूत्रटीका and तद्धितपरिशिष्टटीका. He is believed to have lived in the thirteenth century A. D.

गोपीनाथ a Bengali scholar of Katan- sutra Grammar who is believed to

have written Katantraparisista- praddyota.

गोयीचन्द्र see गोपीचन्द्र.

गोयुगच् a tad. affix applied to nouns like अश्व, उष्ट्र, etc. in the sense of a pair e. g. उष्ट्रगोयुगम्, अश्वयोयुगम्: cf. द्वित्वे गोयुगच् Kas on P. V. 2.29.

गोल्ड्स्ट्यूकर a well known German scholar who made a sound study of Paini's Sanskrit Vyakarana and wrote a very informative trea- tise entitled 'Panini, his place in Sanskrit Literature.' He lived in the latter half of the 19th century.

गोवर्धन a grammarian who has writ- ten a work on Katantra Grammar called कातन्त्रकौमुदी and also a com- mentary on the Ganaratnamaho- dadhi of Vardhamana. A gloss on the Unadisutras is also assigned to Govardhana who is likely to be the same as above.

गोविन्द writer of a commentary known - as अम्बाकर्त्री by reason of that work beginning with the stanza अम्बा कर्त्रींó, on the Paribhasendusekhara of Nagesa.

गोत्रिन्द ( चक्रवर्तिन् ) writer of Samasa- vada, a short treatise on the sense conveyed by compound words.

गोविन्दराम writer of 'Sabdadipika,' a commentary on the Mugdha- bodha Vyakarana of Bopadeva.

गोषदादि a class of words to which the taddhita affix अक ( वुन् ) is added in the sense of possession provided the word so formed refers to a chapter ( अध्याय ) or a section ( अनुवाक ) c. दैवासुरः, वैमुक्तः etc.; cf. Kas. on P. V. 2.62.

गोष्ठच् a tad.affix applied to words like गो and others in the sense of 'a pla- ce'; cf. गेष्ठजादयः स्थानादिषु पशुनाम। पशुना- मादिभ्य उपसंख्यानम् | गवां स्थानं गोगोष्ठम्, अश्वगोष्ठम्: महिषीगोष्ठम् Kas.on P.v.2.29