विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

work also named Kātantravyā- khyāsāra.

कातन्त्रपरिशिष्टटीका a gloss on the Kātantra-Pariśiṣṭa written by a Kātantra scholar Puṇḍarīkākṣa.

कातन्त्रपरिशिष्टप्रद्योत a gloss on the Kātantrapariśiṣṭa by Goyicandra in the twelfth century.

कातन्त्रपरिशिष्टसिद्धान्तरत्नाङ्कुर a gloss on the Kātantra-pariśiṣṭa by Śiva- rāmendra, who is believed to have written a gloss on the Sūtras of Pāṇini also.

कातन्त्रप्रक्रिया a name given to the Kā- tantra Sūtras which were written in the original form as a Pra- kriyāgrantha or a work discussing the various topics such as alpha- bet, euphonic rules, declension, derivatives from nouns, syntax, conjugation derivatives from roots etc. etc.

कातन्त्रप्रदीप a grammar work written by a scholar named Kuśala on the Kātantrasūtravṛtti by Durgasiṁha. See कातन्त्रपञ्जिका.

कातन्त्रबालबोधिनी a short explanatory gloss on the Kātantra Sūtras by Jagaddhara of Kashmir who lived in the fourteenth century and who wrote a work on grammar called Apaśabdanirākaraṇa.

कातन्त्ररहस्य a work on the Kātantra Sūtras ascribed to Ramānātha Vidyāvācaspati of the sixteenth century A. D.

कातन्त्ररूपमाला a work, explaining the various forms of nouns and verbs according to the rules of the Kātantra grammar, ascribed to Bhāvasena of the fifteenth century.

कातन्त्रलघुवृत्ति a short gloss on the Kātantra Sūtras ascribed to a scholar named Chucchukabhaṭṭa.

कातन्त्रविवरण a commentary on the

Kātantravistara of Vardhamāna by Pṛthvīdhara who lived in the fifteenth century A. D.

कातन्त्रविस्तर a famous work on the Kātantra Grammar written by Vardhamāna a Jain Scholar of the twelfth century who is believed to be the same as the author of the well-known work Gaṇaratna- mahodadhi.

कातन्त्रवृत्ति name of the earliest com- mentary on the Kātantra Sūtras ascribed to Durgasiṁha. The commentary was once very popu- lar as is shown by a number of explanatory commentaries written upon it, one of which is believed to have been written by Durgasiṁha himself. See Durgasiṁha.

कातन्त्रवृत्तिटिप्पणी a gloss on दौर्गसिंहीवृत्ति written by Guṇakīrti in the four- teenth century A.D.

कातन्त्रवृत्तिटीका a commentary on Durgasiṁha's Kātantravṛrtti by Mokṣeśvara in the fifteenth cen- tury A.D.

कातन्त्रवृत्तिव्याख्या named Aṣṭamaṅ- galā on Durgasiṁha's Kātantra- vṛtti written by Rāmakiśora Cakr- avartin who is believed to have written a grammatical work शाब्दबो- धप्रकाशिका.

कातन्त्रव्याख्यासार a work of the type of a summary written by Rāma- dāsa Cakravartin of the twelfth century.

कातन्त्रसूत्रवृत्ति an old Vṛtti on the Kātantra Sūtras ascribed to Vara- ruci who is, of course, different from Vararuci Kātyāyana. The Vṛtti appears to have been occu- pying a position similar to that of Durgasiṁha.

कातन्त्रोत्तर a treatise on the Kātantra Grammar believed to have been written by Vidyānanda.