पृष्ठम्:शब्दनिर्णयः (प्रकाशात्मयतीन्द्रः).djvu/३

विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति


  Sabdanirnaya is a treatise on the Advaita school of the

Vedanta philosophy, written in the form of Kaarikas with Vritis.

  The author of the work is called Prakaasaatmayatindra, a

disciple of Ananyaanubhava. He is also known to have written another work named Panchapaadikaavivarana from the fact that the first two invocatory verses and another two verses occurring before the last verse of the Sabdanirnaya are found in the introductory portion of Panchapaadikaa vivarana. The author flourished earlier than Vidyaaranya who wrote Vivaranaprameyasangraha, an abridgement of the Panchapaadikaavivarana.

  The edition of the work is based on three palm-leaf

nanuscripts in Malayalam characters. Two of them design ated क and ख belong to Mr. Idapalli Raja; a few folios are missing in the beginning and ending respectively of these manuscripts. The third manuscript marked ग is a complete one belonging to Mr. Narayanan Numburi, Haripad.



9th April 1917