विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

can play the part of a controlling trap for the elephant of his mind when maddened by the mysterious, deep-rooted infaluation for the feimale elephant of sense-object

 [ आनाय is the elephanttrap. Another reading is आलान which means ‘a tying post for an elephant" क्षीबस्य~‘of the maddened".]

यदेतत्स्वच्छन्दं विहरणमकार्पण्यमशनं
सहाय सव।सः श्रुतमुपशमकलतफलम् ।
मन मन्दस्पन्दं बहिरपि चिरस्यापि विमृश-
न जाने कस्येषा परिणतिरुदरस्य तपसः । ८२ ।।

 82. This freedom to wander aboutthis food to which no meanness attaches, the company of holy men, the cultivation of Vedic wisdomof which (unlike other vows) the only fruit is spirit ual peace, the mind also restrained in its move ments towards external things. —to such a con summation, I know not after lifelong reflection, what noble austerities may lead !

 [ उषशम is the cessation of the illusions, and so of the worries, of the world. This is said to be the only fruit borne by the pursuit of this vownamely, धतम or study of Vedic wisdom, other vovs being ordained to bear fruits in the form of worldly prosperity. ]

जीर्णा एव मनोरथाश्च हृदये यातं च तद्यौवनं
हन्ताङ्गषु गुणाश्च वन्ध्यफलतां याता गुणज्ञ विना ।