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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

 P. 92..St. 23. अम्ब येन तत्र जतुवेश्मनि दीप्यमाने ( सति ) सुतैः सह भुजयोः बलेन निर्वाहिता असि तस्य बलिनः प्रियस्य तनयस्य ते पापं आख्यामि । अन्यः ईदृक् कथं कथयेत् ।

 निर्वाहिता-Carried away or removed in safety. The form is past pass. part of the caus. of निर्वह, the use of which in this sense seems to be rare, But निर्वासिता, the variant for निर्वाहिता, is a still more improper word to use in the sense required here. Again our reading is certainly better than also the reading 'कोऽन्यस्तवाम्बकथयत्कथमिदृशस्य.'

 Translation :-0 mother, I communicate to you very evil or cruel tidings-indeed who else can (have the heart to) communicate such? — about your son, so dear to you and so powerful who formerly when the house of lac was on fire, bore you together with your sons out of it ( in safety ) by strength of his muscular arms.

 पांडवकुलबृहस्पतिः -The Brihaspati of the Pandava family, Brihaspati being the preceptor of gods, proverbial for wisdom. Of the Pandavas, Sahadeva was the most noted for wisdom, as Bhima was for bodily strength.

 'सकल......वडवानल---सकलकुरुकुलमेव कमलाकरः, तस्य वडवानलः, adj. to माद्रेयः (the son of Madri, Sahadeva). "The submarine fire for the lake, viz., the whole Kuru family. 'दावानलः' for वडवानलः would be. inappropriate, says the commentator for दावानल means 'a forest conflagration and that idea cannot be connected with a lake. But it may be pointed out here that कमलाकर also means 'an assemblage of lotuses and in that sense the idea of दावानल may well be connected with it, and this metaphor would be more apt too.

 अप्रतिकूलमू-Never disobedient or ill-disposed.

 आशंसनीयमू-Fit to be blessed (by me), being much younger. This word is employed in order to emphasis that inversion of the natural etiquette which is implied in 'प्रार्थये,' Ordinarily Yudhisthira ought to bless Sahadeva and not to request his favour, The inversion would correspond, for instance to a form of letter-writing in Marathi where an elder, writing to a younger, opens his letter with 'नमस्कार विज्ञापना' instead of with 'अशीर्वाद्'

 असंमूढ़े व्यसनेऽभ्युदये च ( अनुजं सहदेवम् )-whose head is never turned, alike in adversity and in prosperity;. retaining self-possession alike etc.