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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Act VI, Notes & Translation

 The Kanchukin's remark refers only to the monstrous nature of his advice, but the Rakshasa's guilty conscience leads him to fear that he is perhaps known in his real character. सुस्निग्धमु, adverb. Kindly प्राकृतेन इव-Like an ordinary man.

 St. 22. परिघपीवरबाहुदण्डौं वित्तेशशक्रपुरदर्शितवीर्यसारौ तौ भीमार्जुनौ क्षितितले प्रविचेष्टमानौं तयोश्च निधनेन रिपुं कृतार्थं द्रष्टुं शक्ष्यामि ( किम् )।

 परिघ......दण्डौ-परिघवत्पीवरौ बाहुदण्डौं ययौः तथाभूतौ.

 वित्तेश....सारौ–वित्तेशस्य शक्रस्य च पुरे दर्शित: वीर्यसारः याभ्यां तथाभूतौ. Who displayed their remarkable valour at the city of Kubera and of Indra. respectively. For the allusions, read the Vanaparvam. v.l., 'नो' and 'किंम' for तौ वितैशशक्रवणाधिकवीर्यवन्तौ ? for the second line.

 Translation :-Can I bear to see Bhima and Arjuna. struggling on the ground at their death-I mean the two brothers who were endowed with bolt like stalwart arms and who had displayed their best valour at the capital of Kubera and the capital of Indra respectively ?

 महुर्नय–दशे–मम दुर्नयेन प्राप्ता शोच्या दशा याम् तथाभूते. O lady reduced to a deplorable condition through my bad morals ! The speaker refers to his vice of gambling and its consequences.

 यथा संदीप्यते पावकः तथा—etc. यथा—तथा=यत:–ततः, or यस्मातुः तस्मात्, Compare यथा...... रथी दृश्यते तथा तर्कयामि at page 53 and the the note on it, P. 95. The only difference is that in the one it is the ground of a conclusion that is stated, in the other it is the ground of the action proposed to be taken.

 P. 9. वचनं कृ = To obey, to do another's bidding. वचनं श्र = To listen to another's words; to obey. Compare Marathi 'सांगितलेले करणे or ऐकणे'.

 मुनिजनावरुद्धं इदम् This (act) is incompatible with the character of a sage-is unworthy of a sage.

 समिन्धयामि-catus, of इन्ध with सम् used, however, in the same sense as the primitive. अनुपलक्षितः–unobserved.

 बलदर्पित - Elated with the pride of superior strength. विषमः- Fearful jarring. ।

 अपरमपि......विलम्ब्य ते-ah Interrogative Sentence meaning 'Are you bent upon hearing some more unhappy news and is it on that account that you delay ?'

 निवर्तय-Send back; caus. of निवृत्.