विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

CONTENTS after the time of opposition) 10-12— Times of first and last contacts 13—Sparsa and moksa vimardardhas {i.e., durations of totality before and after the time of opposition) 14 Projec- tion of an eclipse: Aksavalana 15-16— Ayanavalana 17— Resultant valana 18— Corrected valana 19-20— Valana for the middle of an eclipse 21 — Conversion of minutes of arc into ahgulas 22— Construction of the figure of an eclipse 23-30— Construction of the phase of an eclipse for the given time 31-32. Chapter V. THE SOLAR ECLIPSE Longitude of the meridian-ecliptic point 24(i)— Drkksepa for the time of geocentric conjunction in longitude of the Sun and Moon 1, 4(n)-7 (i)-Drggatijya for the same time 7(H)- B{)-Lambana for the time of apparent conjunction of the Sun and Moon 8-W-Mti for the same time 1 1 -Moon's true latitude for the same time ~Sparsa and mohfa sthit- yardhas (i.e., durations of eclipse before and after the time of apparent conjunction) 13-14-Condition for the impossi- bility of a solar eclipse 15. Chapter VI. VISIBILITY, PHASES, AND RISING AND SETTING OF THE MOON Visibility corrections 1-4-Minimum distance of the Moon from the Sun, in degrees of time, at which she becomes Tu w Msasures of illuminated and unilluminated parts of th e Moon 6-7-Elevation of the lunar horns : Moon's nnkvagra for sunset 8-Moon's true declination and agra v-W—JSahu (t. e ., base of the elevation triangle) ll-12(i)— Construction of the figure exhibiting the elevation of the uLhThtTf , I2(iiM8 ~ Durati - of Moon-, visibility in the light half of the month 19-Time of Moonrise on the full moon day 20-21-Shadow of the gnomon due to the Moon 23-25 m ° 0nrise iQ thc dark half -of the month Chapter VII. VISIBILITY AND CONJUNCITON OF THE PLANETS Minimum distances of the planets from the Sun, in degrees of time, at which they become visible 1-2-Degrees of time between the Sun and a planet 3-Time and common longuudc of two planets when they are in conjunction in