विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

CONTENTS Page Chapter II. TRUE LONGITUDES OF THE PLANETS 16 Sun's mean anomaly and its Rsine l-3(i)-Sun's equation of the centre (bkujnphala) 3(ii)-4(i)-Sun's correction for the equation of time due to the eccentricity of the ecliptic 4(ii)-5— True distances of the Sun and Moon 6-7— True daily motion of the Sun and Moon, by various methods 8-15— Sun's declination, earthsine, and ascensional differ- ence 16-18— Correction for the Sun's ascensional difference 19-20— Lengths of day and night 21 -Corrections for the Moon 22-24— Kaksatra 25-26()—Tithi 26(ii)-27— Karana 28— The three kinds of VyatipZta 29- Corrections for the planets, Mars, etc. 30-39— Criterion for knowing whether a planet is stationary 40— Retrograde and direct motions 41. Chapter III. DIRECTION, PLACE, AND TIME FROM SHADOW 41 Determination of directions 1— Latitude and colatitude of the local place 2-3— Ascensional differences of the signs 4— Times of rising of the signs at the equator 5— Times of rising of the signs at the local place 6— Sun's zenith distance and the shadow of the gnomon for the given time 7-11 Time corresponding to the given shadow in the forenoon or afternoon 12-15— Sun's sahkvagra 16— Longitude of the rising point of the ecliptic for the given time and vice versa 17-20— Sun's agra 21— Sun's altitude and longitude when the Sun is on the prime vertical 22-25— Reduction of Rsine to the corresponding arc 26- Midday shadow from the Sun's declination and the latitude of the place 27-28— Sun's declination and longitude, and the latitude of the local place from the midday shadow of the gnomon 29-35. Chapter IV. THE LUNAR ECLIPSE Longitudes of the Sun and Moonwhen they arein opposition or conjunction in longitude 1— Distances of the Sun and Moon 2-3— Diameters of the Sun, Moon and Earth 4-5— Length of the Earth's shadow 6— Diameter of the Earth's shadow where the Moon crosses it 7— Moon's latitude 8— Measure of the Moon's diameter unobscured by the shadow 9— Sparsa and mokfa stkityardkas {i.e., durations of eclipse before and 58