विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

136 (व्योम) Zero &lळbult (शकाब्द) The years of the Saka era kru, (शक्र) Fourteen. which is presided over by Indra. (Sakra=Indra) Suku (शंकु) (1) (Gnommon The Rsime of altitude (of a heavenly body) Suil:0gr0 (शंक्वग्र) The distance of the projection of a heavenly body on the plane of the celestial horizon, from the rising-setting line of the heavenly body Sunt (शनि) Satur1 Suru (शर) Five Su50-luk7ma(शलक्ष्मा) The Moon . 5asi(शशि) (1)The Moon.(2)One Su90 (शश्युच्च) Moon's apoge 6;. lit (शिशिरदीधिति)TheMoon" Sgbrt-end}0 (शीघ्रकेन्द्र) The Sgh10 1 There are fourteern Indras (Sakra) corresponding to the fourteen Sighu00 (शीघ्रोच्च) See U८ (शीघ्रन्या $gthrog}}hould. See [(P + 2 sin ;)* + (Rsin b)*]*** Suk70 (शुक्र) Friday 5090, (शून्य) Zero Sigon0ut (शृङ्गोन्नति) The elevation of the Mo0m's hdrns (or cusps) S30 (शेष) Remainder, residue Sutlo, (शैल) Seven. Salk:t (सकृत्) By the application of the rule only once (3.6 ., without the application of the Imethod of successive approxi mations) Som0ukuld (समकल) Two planets are said to be summukould when they are either in conjunction or opposition in longitude Summupirudharu (समपूर्वापर) Same शंकुः) The Rsine of the prime vertical altitude (of the Sum)