विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

(योजनकर्ण) The dis tance of a planet in terms of 1791070-0as0 ( योजनव्यास ) diameter 1]] Ramdhra (रन्ध्र) Nine Par (रवि) (1) The Sun. Twelve ally, the son Rast-5८90 (राशिशेष ) of the sign of the The of (2) Past-ala (राशिकला) The number of minutes 1800 king The residue Rakha (रेखा) (1) Line. (2) Prime Lag10 (लग्न) The rising point of the ecliptic L८ikळ (लंका) A hypothetical place on the equator where the meridian of Ujjain inter Sects 11t Laik0d490 (लंकोदय) Times of ris ing (of the signs) at Larika 1 There were three persons called Rama, Parasurama, Balarāma or right ascensions (of the signs) Lambuka (लम्बक) The Rsine of the colatitude Limbulka-gu10 (लम्बकगुण) Same as Lamboarma (लम्बन) Paralaxin long tude or, in particular, the difference between the paral laxes in longitude of the Sun Lipt (लिप्ता) Minute of arc. लिप्ताव्यास) Diameter (of a planet) in minutes. L}}1-5ega (लिप्ताशेष) The residue of the minute. //nkratu0 (वक्रत्व) Curvature. Wakrathoga (वक्रभोग) Retrograde 133 7akraramabha (वक्रारम्भ) Commence Iment of retrograde motion Watsara (वत्सर) Year Warga (वर्ग) Square Wargd-ridhi (वर्गविधि) Method of solving a quadratic egua Warg0-7asi //artaman0 (वर्गराशि) (वर्तमान) A sguare Present /artamana-gu70 (वर्तमानगुण) The present (or current) Rsine difference of the elementary are 0ccupied by a planet