विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

129 is called the light fortunight are to clapse at sumrise on (or the light half of a lumar that day. Or, in other words, mmonth) and that from full the time in mळ ऽ which is to m001 to new moon is called elapse at sumrise before the the dark fortunight (or the time of conjunction or opp0 dark half of a lumar month) sition of the Sun and M00n Pada (पद) (1) (9uadrant. (2) Pala (पल) Latitude Souare r00t Palajya (पलज्या) The Rsine० Padminbandhu (पद्मिनीबन्धु) The Sun. latitude declimation of the Sun, 2.6., the obliquity of the ecliptic Pa5cind (पश्चिम) West Paramma-5it (परमक्षिप्ति) Greatest Pata (पात) The ascending mode celestial latitude (of the Moon), of a i.e., planet's orbit (on inclimation of the the M00n's orbit ecliptic) Pata-bhaga (पातभाग) The degrees (परमापक्रम) Same of the longitude of the ascen ding mode. Paramahakram0gupal (परंमापक्रमो गुणः) Pinya (पित्र्य) The Rsine of the Sun's great The mokatra Magha, which is presided est declimation Paridhi (परिधि) (1) Circumference, Pagkara (पुष्कर) Three." periphery. (2) 5picycle Pary990 (पर्यय) Same as Bhaga70. Parua(पर्व) (1) Time of conjunction 'Pirudharayata (पूर्वापरायत) Direc or opposition of the Sun and ted east to west the Moon. (2) Full moon or Imew moon titlhi. (3) An ec Pau910 (पौष्ण) The mak9atra Revati, which is presided over by Pus. Par0ata (पर्वत) Seven Pailt (पंक्ति) Tem Pralrt (प्रकृति) Eight of an eclipse. Pralkge2 (प्रक्षेप) Addition Par0anadi (पर्वनाडी) Prakrya (प्रक्रिया) Process The ra45 of Prograsa (प्रग्रास) The beginning the full moon or new m001 1 There are three pukaras. See Wacas tilhi (also called board) which 201yum, p. 3374, under Thuskara.