विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

124 GLOSSARY Kalpa (^t) Addition. Ktirmuka (^ufo) Arc. Kila (^) Time. Kilabhaga (tmvm) The degrees of time. One degree of time is equivalent to 60 asus or 10 viriadh. KisjhS (sftest) Direction. Ku ($) Earth. Kuja (fsr) Mars. Krta (f?r) Four, iffft" Square. Krttikfi (ffirar) The naksatra .Krttika. iiWra (^S) (1) Anomaly. The Ag«</ra is of two kinds : ( 1 ) manda-kendra, and (2) sighra- kendra. The manda-kendra of a planet is equal to "the longitude of the planet minus the longitude of the planet's mandocca (apogee)" and the sighra-kendra of a planet is equal to "the longitude of the planet's sighrocca minus the longitude of the planet." (2) Centre. Kendra-bhukti (%^fw) The daily motion (or change) of a planet's anomaly (hendra) ; or anomalistic motion. Koti (^fc) (1) The upright of a right-angled triangle. (2 ) The Koti correspond- ing to a planet's anomaly. If be the anomaly (or any arc or angle) then the corres- ponding koti is equal to 90° — 0, 0—90°, 270° -0, or g—270 o according as < Q < 90°, 90° < <180°, 180° <0<27O°,or 27O°<0<36O°. Kotiphala {^tfvm) The result obtained by multiplying the Rsineof koti due to a planet's kendra by the tabulated epi- cycle and dividing the pro- duct by 80. Kotisadhana (^faiT«PT) Same as Kotiphala. Kofisutra (*fftfe^r) The thread or line denoting the upright of a right-angled triangle; a perpendicular line. Krama (^3T) Serial order. Kramajya (^>*twt) Same as JyH. Kramabhava jtva (^fpt^t sfkr) Same as Kramajya. Kranti (^>rfar) Declination. Kriya (for) The sign Aries. Ksapa~bhartr (STTTtq ) Moon. * Ksaya (spt) Subtraction. Ksitija (fiarfira) Mars. Ksitijya (fcrf^TT) Earthsine. The distance between the rising-setting line and the line joining the points of intersection of the diurnal circle and the six o'clock circle. Ksiti-suta (fsrfagcr) Mars.