विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

vs. 31-32 ] first yoga (called Viskambha) begins when the sum of the longitudes of the Sun and the Moon is zero , and continues til that sum amounts to 13-20 '; the second yog८ (called Prti) then begins and continues till the sum of the longitudes of the Sun and the Moon amounts to 26°40'; and so on." It is noteworthy that the sapamastaka -yuathala occurs when the seventeenth yoga, bearing the name yat2ata, ends. (See footnote 1) 35 General instruction regarding the planets : 30. In the muda and 5:gra(operations) of the planets(Mars etc.) the kendra (anormally ), (their) kor and blugja, (their) Rsines, the corresponding bhalaऽ (corrections) and their addition and subtraction, should be understood as in the case of the Sum.2 There is one exception, viz. that the gौrakendra is defined as 3ghrak८rdro=longitude of planet's 1gro८८८ - longitude of planet , and not as mandakendra, which is defined as mandakermdra=longitude of planet - longitude of planet's mardocra . A rule for finding the corrected epicycle in the case of the planets Mars, etc 31-32. One should divide by the radius the Rsine or the Rversed-sine(ofthe part ofthe karadra lying in the current quadrant*) as multiplied by the differencebetween the epicycles (for the begin Imings of the odd and even guadrants) according as the (current) quadrant is odd or even. If the epicycle (in the beginning of the current quadrant) is smaller , add the (above) result to it;

  • The names of the twenty-seven yogas are:-(1) Vislambha, (2) Prti,

(3) Ayusman, (4) Saubhāgya, (5) Sobhana , (6) Atigapa, (7) Sulkarma, (8) Dhti, (9) Sla, (10) Gapda, (11) Vrddhi, (12) Dhruva, (13) Vyaghata, (14) Harsapa, (15) Vajra Parigha, (20) Siva, (21) Siddha, (22) Sādhya, (23) Subha, (24) Sukla, (25) Brahma, (26) Indra, and (27) Vaidhra. There is another system of twenty-cight yogas, beginning with Ananda In some Hindu Calendars yogar ofthis system are also given for every day of the timonth. But these yogas are of astrological interest only in

  • The k८ndra is said to be in the first quadrant when it is less than 909)

the second quadrant when it is between 90° and 180° , and so on.