विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

105 P.248. L. 9-10 (Verse 37). Who is she that comes uswards with dishevelled locks and uplifted arms and calls us to forbear, -[चिकुर]-तृतीया, विशेषणे अंसपसिताचिकुरभारोपलक्षिप्ता---इत्यर्थः (चि इति अव्यक्तं कुरति-कुर शब्दे 'इगुपध'-३।१।१३५ इति क.), 'चिकुरः कुन्सलो वाला कपः केशर शिरोरुहः' इत्यमरः P. 249. L. 12-13 (Verse 38). Who comes like showers from the Drona-cloud to drought-smitten crops to (save) me from the drawn weapon and jaws of death! Cf. Supra 26. P.249. L. 15-16 (Verse 39). Is this a second Vasantasend or has she herself come here from heaven ' or is it aimply an illusion or is she the same Vasantasena who never died ? उपेन्द्रवज्रा metre. P.249. L. 18-19 (Verse 40). Has she sped from heaven to Save my life! Or has any one else (nymph) in her likeness come hither ?-[जीवातुकाम्यया.] With desire to restore me to like. जीवातु- revival. cf.- "रे हस्त दक्षिण मृतस्य शिशोजिस्य । जीवातवे विसज शूद्रमुनी कृपाणम् ॥"-Uttara. C. II. 10. (जीव प्राणधारणे-जीवत्यनेन-'जीवेरातुः'-उणा. १७९). 'जीयातुरस्त्रियां भक्ते जीविते जीवनौषधे' इति मेदिनी.---[रूपानुरूपेण]-रूपस्य आकृतेः अनुरूपेण सादृश्येन -~-in her semblence. P. 250. L. 4. [निमीलिताक्ष एवं] Cf Uttar C. "रामः-(आनन्दनिमी- लिताक्ष एव) सखि वासन्ति दिष्टया वर्धसे &c.' p.118, I. C. Edition, Also Cf. 'राजा-(निमीलिताक्षkc.)-Vikramoivasi IVAct. __P. 250. L. 8-9 (Verse 41}. Whence does she, moistening her breasts with her gushing tears come like the (life restoriag) knowledge (to revive me) who um within the clutches of Death..- [विद्येव &c.] a nice simile. The vidya or the science referred to is generally known as संजीविनी restoring the dead to lifeSukra the preceptor of the demons is said to be well versed in it. For the so called drugs tec. consult the Agnipurina 284th Canto. P. 250. L. 11-12 (Verse 42), You yourself have liberated my frame which was being destroyed for your own sake, Ah ! marvel- lous is the officacy of the union with the beloved-what olse can renovate the deceased [मृतोऽपि &e.] -मदीयजीवनं केवलं प्रियासनमफल- मेय अन्यथा मृतस्तु कोपि न जीवत्ति, This stands for 'यो हि मृतमपि जीवयेत्.' इन्द्रवना metre. P. 250. L. 14-17 (Verse 4.3). By the contact of my beloved Vasantasent that red garment and this festnoon (which previous- ly indicated death and calumny) look like auptial decorations and these aram sounds and beats heralling my death now seem to be the proclaimers of matrimony, बसन्ततिलका metre.