विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

106 P. 250. L. 20-21 (Verse 44). That mighty foe who had con- trived enmity against me long before and who is doomed to fall in hell, sought my fall and almost executed his will-[प्रभाषिणा strong. P. 251. L. 11-14 (Verse 45). Victory to the bull-bannered (Siva) despoiler of Daksha's sacrifice. Glory to the six mouthed conqueror, the cleaver of the Kraunch Mountain. Victory to Arya- ka, who chastised his niighty foe and triumphantly rules over the whole widespread earth with the Kailasa as her white banner. - [पृषभकेतुः] The deity whose emblem is a bull; Mahadevan 'वृषध्वजः-व्योमकेशो भवो भीमः स्थाणू रुद्र उमापतिः'-अमर:-~[ दक्षयज्ञस्य हन्ता ] Siva, who destroyed the sacrifice of Daksha, his father-in- law and consequently called ऋतुध्वसी. Daksha was one of the ten sons of Brahman, being born from his right thumb. He is said to be the chief of Prajapatis or patriarehs of mankind and to have many daughters, 27 of whom becamo the wives of the Moon and 13 of Kasyapa. At one tine Daksha celebrated agrand sacrifice and invited all the gods and sages; but neither Siva nor Sati his daughter whom heespoused to Siva. Sati, however, went to the Sacrifice, but being greatly insulted threw hereself into fire and perished. When Siva heard this he was very mucli provoked and according to ono account, himself went to the sacrifice, completely destroyed it, and persued Daksha, who assumed the form of adver and at last decapitated him. But Siva is said to have afterwards restored him to lifo and he thenceforward acknowledged the God's supremacy. According to another account, Shiva when provoked tore off hair from his matted hair and dashed it with great force against the ground, when lot a powerful demon started up and awaited his orders. He was told to go and destroy Daksha's sacrir fice ; whereupon the mighty demon attended by several demi-god's went to the sacrifice, routed the gods and priests and according to one account beheaded Daksha himsef.---Apte.-[षण्मुख.] Epithet of Kartikeya, the Indian Mars.-[क्रौश्च.] Name of a mountain eleft by Kartikeya, also of a demon of the same designation,-- कौश्च-शत्रु (अराति-सूदन) Epithet of Skanda.-कैलास.] The famous resi- dence of Mahadeva. मालिनीवृसम्.दी : P.251. L. 17-20 (Verse 46). Slaying Palaka, the cursed king, hastily installing that (valiant) Aryaka, as the sovereign and har- ing received on my erest his command as a holy residuum of flowers I, let it be known to ye all, am going to liberate (the worthy) Charudatta from distress. अभि+विच्-anoint, appoint &o, by sprinkling water on the head, to crown. प्रर्षिणी metre. --[शेषभूसा)-प्रसाददसनिर्मात्यस्वरूपां-'प्रसावानिजनिर्मात्पदाने शेषेति कीर्तिता' इति