विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

103 Sandal nor of Ustra. अनुहुए metre. This is an instance of वत्सल- रस. स्कुट चमत्कारितया वरसलं च रसं विदुः। स्थायीवत्सलतास्नेहः पुत्राचासम्बनं मतं' &e.---Sahityadarpana 241. Cl.- अन्तःकरणतत्वस्य दम्पत्योः स्नेहसंश्रयात् । आमन्दग्रन्थिरेकोऽयमपत्यमिति वध्यते॥"--Uttar. C. III. ---[उशीर.] The fragrant root of the plant Andropogon Muricatus (called Khas in Panjabi). Cf. Sakuntala p. 96 or III. 9. and Uttara. VI. 22. The verse in cited in the Subhashitaratnabha- ndagara. P. 234. L. 14-15 (Verse 24), Why do you (throng) to see a good man who is surrounded by ill fame and hence has no hope of eurvival and resembles a gold pitcher which is, its rope being snapped, sinking into the well. आर्या metre. P.335. L.25 (Verse 25). Such adisgraceful and troublous plight ending in my death is my lot. Alas! What anguish ! to hear (the calumny) noised abroad that she was killed by me. प्रहर्षिणी mette. P.236. L. 4-5( Verse 26). Who comes at such an ill hous to save me from the jars (lit. snares) of death, like the prona-cloud to renovate the cropy parched by drought उपमालङ्कार. P, 236. L.7-8 ( Verse 27), I am not afraid of death. My soiled fame appalls me. Death, when I am proved not guilty, will be as welcome to me as the birth of a son, ___P.236. L. 10-11 (Verse 28). That mean blockhead, never provoked by me, himself corrupted as he is, defled (to destroy) me like an envenomed arrowhead,-द्रोणमेघः.] Particular kind of clouds abounding in crops. 'आयतों निर्जलो मेघः संवर्सश्च बहदकः। - पुष्करी दुष्करजलो द्रोणः शस्यप्रपूरकः ॥'-Jyotishtatva. .236. L. 17-18 (Verse 29). I have had my dinner in my own palace: rice with meat, acid sauce, vegetables, soup, and fish, boil. ed sali-rice and rice boiled with coarse sugar. कूर-२, food, boiled rice. CE. Supra. इतश्च कूरततैलमि &c. IV. इन्द्रवजा metre. __P. 238. L.3-4 (Verse 30). Out of the way there! make room, fasten your doors and hold your peace. Hers he comes like a mad bull (butting) with the sharp horn of arrogance. आर्या metre. P. 240 L. 5-8 (Verse 31). Up! you who pity the unhappy good men, you who come to befriend me without (selfish) motives and are inclined towards virtue. You exerted your utmost to liberate me; but my (adverse) fate consents not-otherwise your benevolence falls short of nothing.--[संवद] To accord, to agree. वसन्ततिलक Metre.